Aotearoa’s Hans Pucket Release New Single ‘No Drama’

A great sound on this brand new single from Wellington, NZ band Hans Pucket. ‘No Drama‘ is the title track from their forthcoming new LP due out on on USA label Carpark Records on November 4th. The single brilliantly blends crunchy guitar rock with soft art-pop shapes and a widescreen indie retro-futurist aesthetic. There are strings, horns and one can pick out a faint hint … Continue reading Aotearoa’s Hans Pucket Release New Single ‘No Drama’


Hailing from Auckland/Tāmaki Makaurau in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Coffin Club get taut and frantic on this mighty slice of post-hardcore and post-punk that brings to mind Hot Snakes, Fugazi, Mudhoney and their compatriots Die! Die! Die. The song deals with themes of exploitation in the workplace, lack of care for low income workers, and trying to cope in a capitalist world despite all the stresses and … Continue reading COFFIN CLUB UNLEASH THE FRANTIC PUNK OF FSTFWRD/RWND


New Zealand (UK-based) band Popstrangers are back with a new single, their first released on Rice Is Nice Records and their first new music since 2014. ‘Are Pigeons Doves?” drifts along with a hypnotic, ethereal feel. There’s a tinge of Radiohead in the underlying tension, high register vocal and drum-less arrangement. Popstrangers explain: ‘Are Pigeons Doves?’ is about the conversation I had with a friend, where he … Continue reading POPSTRANGERS RETURN WITH NEW SINGLE, ‘ARE PIGEONS DOVES?’

NEW MUSIC: Michael James Keane – Inside

Deep, dark intonations from New Zealand/Aotearoa songwriter Michael James Keane. ‘Inside‘ starts off with Keane sounding like a summit meeting between Ian Curtis, Graeme Jefferies, Nick Cave and Jack Ladder before the band arrives and the intimacy is dissipated but not eradicated. Over strummed acoustics and a detailed yet unobtrusive rhythm section, Keane joins a heavenly chorus of female voices, the yang to his tonal … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Michael James Keane – Inside

NEW VIDEO: The Datsuns – Dehumanise

Directed by Sam Kristofski, here’s the third single from The Datsuns‘ recently released album Eye To Eye. I’ve been really impressed with the new album. It’s defiantly still the same essential sound for the New Zealand band – that mix of classic, stoner and psychedelic rock music. They certainly haven’t mellowed with age though, this track kicks like a drunken mule! As the press release … Continue reading NEW VIDEO: The Datsuns – Dehumanise


Rhythm and funk is the name of the game on this track from Auckland, New Zealand producer A bLUNT jESTER, who’s already had success with previous releases on student radio in Aotearoa. He dials into an 80s aesthetic of movie soundtracks that lean towards a cold wave and sci-fi dance floor aesthetic. Clinical production qualities built around a half-man/half-machine drum sound make it sound like … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: A bLUNT jESTER – Cat Door

NEW MUSIC: Negative Nancies – Monkey Chest

Dunedin, New Zealand group Negative Nancies have released the song ‘Monkey Chest’, a discordant, deconstructed art-punk sound that grinds and crawls in a collision of Suicide, queasy Lynchian discomfort and no wave Sonic Youth yelps and chants. The band’s strangely intoxicating sound is manfested on their new album HEATWAVE, out now via the Fishrider Records label and in their own words it “sounds like it … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Negative Nancies – Monkey Chest

NEW MUSIC: Empasse – Ultraviolet

Let’s kick off the new week with some really nice post-rock sounds out of Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) in New Zealand. If you dig the type of music created by Mogwai and Jakob then this will be your kind of thing. ‘Ultraviolet’ is moody, dark and ominous even when it’s not heavy. It’s cinematic too, but still operates in a compositional rock format. Empasse is the work … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Empasse – Ultraviolet

NEW MUSIC: Wax Chattels – Cede

The Aotearoa/New Zealand trio Wax Chattels release the final single from their new album Clot, out September 25 via Flying Nun and Captured Tracks. The vitriolic choruses of ‘Cede’ are in Amanda Cheng’s (bass/vocals) native language — Taiwanese Hokkien — and are an indignant confrontation about Cross-Strait relations and self-determination. Amanda Cheng on ‘Cede’ — “I am angry. Saying “you don’t know who I am” in Taiwanese Hokkien is to say “you don’t get to … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Wax Chattels – Cede


Over the last few months, one of the things many people have been turning to during periods of isolation during the pandemic is music. Music for distraction, companionship, solace and joy. Whatever the reason, putting on a favourite album or discovering something new that pulls you in and hits the spot, intellectually or emotionally, can be a great and wonderful experience. In this series we … Continue reading SPECIAL SOUNDS FOR STRANGE TIMES: Simon Sweetman

NEW MUSIC: Rhian Sheehan – Still

New Zealand composer Rhian Sheehan has recently released a new album, Recollections, Vol. 1, which features a number of new tracks, and a number of tracks performed as part of his 2018 A Quiet Divide Album Release Tour. ‘Still‘ is a beautifully percussive and textured track that peppers an undulating piano line with clickety-clack rhythms that conjures everything from a ticking clock to a typewriter, … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Rhian Sheehan – Still

NEW MUSIC: Ria Hall – Walk

Here’s a recently released new track from NZ’s Ria Hall, written with Laughton Kora. It’s a great slice of Pacific reggae but one that rides a minimal and dark rhythm instead of hitting summer jam heights. That works in its favour. Don’t get me wrong, it still gathers momentum and swings along with a real hook to it but it’s definitely on the lowdown tip. … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Ria Hall – Walk