NEW MUSIC: The Gin Palace – Unsettled

The Gin Palace, who include members of Crow, Glide, The Aerial Maps, Charlie Horse, Copperline, Joeys Coop, Caligula and The Finalists in their ranks, have just released the second single from their forthcoming album The Year Of The Dog. ‘Unsettled‘, written by Peter Fenton (Crow) and Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil), is a dialogue with this country’s troubled past, an unflinching, poetic and honest look at a nation’s failings. An essential process required before all … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: The Gin Palace – Unsettled


Tristan Courtney-Prior is stepping out for the first time as a solo artist with his single ‘Elevator‘. Best known as guitarist for Sydney bands Peabody and Shearin’, Tristan takes a darker, moodier swing into post-punk rhythms and guitar shapes on this track. A stately and stentorian vocal marches the song along, distorted guitars swaying and riding the propulsive bass and drums. It’s heady, hypnotic and … Continue reading TRISTAN COURTNEY-PRIOR TAKES A DARKLY SWERVING ELEVATOR RIDE


There’s a clear line that can be drawn from Australian recording project The Finch Cycle, to the post-rock titans Mogwai. It’s there in the slow dynamic sweep of grand electric gestures, stately guitars and the eviscerating sonic detonation that occurs at the three minute mark of ‘Operation Island’. The guitars march and chime in lockstep, a frantic metallic chug before the clouds clear and the … Continue reading THE FINCH CYCLE EXPLORE ATMOSPHERIC POST-ROCK DYNAMICS ON ‘OPERATION ISLAND’

NEWS: Spiritualized Announce New Album, Release First Single/Video

J Spaceman returns with a new Spiritualized studio album, Everything Was Beautiful, to be released February 25, 2022, via Bella Union and available to preorder here. Spaceman plays 16 different instruments on Everything Was Beautiful which was put down at 11 different studios, as well as at his home. He also employed more than 30 musicians and singers including his daughter Poppy, long-time collaborator and friend John Coxon, string and brass sections, choirs , and finger … Continue reading NEWS: Spiritualized Announce New Album, Release First Single/Video

Listen to A Place To Bury Strangers’ ‘I Need You’ from their Hologram EP

A Place To Bury Strangers are no strangers to noise, distortion and heavy effects. Sometimes it’s used for abrasive purposes but here those elements are like a warm sonic cocoon. Tendrils of electricity embrace the listener, pulling them up into the clouds on a dreamy bed of splintering guitar notes and gauze-like feedback, while the vocal and bass hold the centre in a zen-like state. … Continue reading Listen to A Place To Bury Strangers’ ‘I Need You’ from their Hologram EP

NEW MUSIC: Pink Milk – Blue Eyes (River of Glass)

Bathed in a sea of reverb, this recent single from Swedish duo Pink Milk hits the emotional afterburners as it soars through a blissed out asteroid shower of JAMC drums, fizzing shoegaze distortion and uplifting, euphoric vocal melodies. There’s even a guitar solo at the end that would put a smile of the face of the purple one. The song comes from their forthcoming second … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Pink Milk – Blue Eyes (River of Glass)

NEW MUSIC: Fabels – Waiting

Many thanks to Sydney duo Fabels for sending this song/clip our way. It’s a totally captivating dreamscape of a song. It draws on shoegaze, post-rock and ambient elements of repetition and hallucinogenic airiness. The sparkle and chime of Ben Aylward’s guitar widens the horizon of the song beautifully, allowing the atmosphere to rise and retreat with a cinematic quality that never gets overblown. Vocalist Hiske … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Fabels – Waiting

NEW MUSIC: Anatomy Class – Reflector Shield

Australian band Anatomy Class release their second new single of 2021 with the sublimely melodic, indie rock sound of ‘Reflector Shield’. The trio continue their rich vein of form with the followup single ‘Reflector Shield‘ – a song that manages to sound both futuristic and nostalgic in its sonic architecture and richly melodic design. The band are perfectly at home sailing the proverbial winds of indie rock, … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Anatomy Class – Reflector Shield

NEW MUSIC: Held By Trees – In The Trees

Here’s a fascinating new project for fans of Talk Talk and Mark Hollis. Seven musicians who were involved in the Talk Talk albums Spirit of Eden, Laughing Stock and Hollis’ solo LP have come together as Held By Trees, led by producer/composer David Joseph. They approached the recording in a similar way as they did under Hollis – emphasising spontaneous improvisation and keeping the best … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Held By Trees – In The Trees

NEW MUSIC: Mazeppa – Tree

We’re digging this recent track from the Israeli Haifa based psychedelic band Mazeppa. It definitely has a Nancy Sinatra and Siouxsie Sioux meets Jefferson Airplane in a cosmic shoegaze dimension vibe about it – referencing psych rock across the decades but still sounding wholly contemporary as it stretches across its expanding sonic universe. ‘Tree’ has just the right amount of distortion, groove and screes of … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Mazeppa – Tree

VIDEO PREMIERE: Prudence – Better

Sydney musician Tom Crandles, better known as Prudence has a brand new four song 7″ Untitled EP out today (May 14th) via Endless Recordings. Featuring the tracks ‘Celestial’, ‘Chlorine’, ‘Better’ and ‘Relief’, it showcases the lush and baroque avant-pop that Crandles has been developing across a handful of tracks and an EP over the last few years. We’re very pleased to premiere the video for … Continue reading VIDEO PREMIERE: Prudence – Better

NEW MUSIC: Toledo – Dog Has Its Day

This new track from Toledo caught our ear with its super laidback vibe – all jangly guitars, backbeat drums and hazy falsetto vocal. It reminded us of a cross between Kurt Vile and Sydney’s CJ Stranger but on a much more mellow tip. Folky indie guitar dream pop. Toledo is the project of Daniel Alvarez and Jordan Dunn-Pilz from Brooklyn, NY and this track comes … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Toledo – Dog Has Its Day