NEW MUSIC: Cong Josie – Cong! The Singer

Here’s another winner from Melbourne artist Cong Josie, the frayed nerve endings of ‘Cong! The Singer’. It’s an urgent and insistent sound, shrouded in electronic anxiety and the sweaty palmed fever dream delivery of Alan Vega from Suicide. Psychobilly meets cold wave art pop. Cong Josie is the moniker of Nic Oogjes of Heat Beat ensemble NO ZU and his new album Cong! is a … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Cong Josie – Cong! The Singer

VIDEO PREMIERE: Wade Jackson – Sensationalized

Ahead of his vinyl and single launch this Friday at HiWay Bikini Bar in Enmore, NSW, Wade Jackson is releasing the new Jonathan Sequeira-directed video clip for his single ‘Sensationalized‘, featuring the artist wandering and searching through desolate, yet beautiful mountainous Australian terrain. The title track to his most recent album, the song sees Wade takes an extended seven minute sojourn on the dancefloor, with electrically charged notes flickering … Continue reading VIDEO PREMIERE: Wade Jackson – Sensationalized

NEWS: Spiritualized Announce New Album, Release First Single/Video

J Spaceman returns with a new Spiritualized studio album, Everything Was Beautiful, to be released February 25, 2022, via Bella Union and available to preorder here. Spaceman plays 16 different instruments on Everything Was Beautiful which was put down at 11 different studios, as well as at his home. He also employed more than 30 musicians and singers including his daughter Poppy, long-time collaborator and friend John Coxon, string and brass sections, choirs , and finger … Continue reading NEWS: Spiritualized Announce New Album, Release First Single/Video

NEW MUSIC: Michael James Keane – Inside

Deep, dark intonations from New Zealand/Aotearoa songwriter Michael James Keane. ‘Inside‘ starts off with Keane sounding like a summit meeting between Ian Curtis, Graeme Jefferies, Nick Cave and Jack Ladder before the band arrives and the intimacy is dissipated but not eradicated. Over strummed acoustics and a detailed yet unobtrusive rhythm section, Keane joins a heavenly chorus of female voices, the yang to his tonal … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Michael James Keane – Inside

NEW MUSIC: Gustaf – Book

Here’s some super-impressive skronking, jerky, No Wave-indebted funk and art-punk from this quintet out of New York. Gustaf‘s debut album Audio Drag For Ego Slobs was released on October 1st through Royal Mountain Records (Wild Pink, Alvvays, Mac DeMarco). Like Talking Heads collaborating with James Chance and ESG, the group have distilled their sound to taut and nervy rhythms with the bass leading the way. … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Gustaf – Book

NEW MUSIC: Animal Collective release the clip for their new single ‘Prester John’

Animal Collective return with their brand new single ‘Prester John’, the first taste of their new album Time Skiffs and the first new music from the band since Painting With in 2016. The song retains the band’s signature psychedelic and kaleidoscopic sound, loping along on a trip-hop beat and a warm synth and bass propulsion. It reminded me of Clinic in parts but still with … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Animal Collective release the clip for their new single ‘Prester John’

VIDEO PREMIERE: Richard Cuthbert – Tomato Plants

Richard Cuthbert (he of Cuthbert & The Night Walkers fame), recently released his new single ‘Tomato Plants’, the second taste of his new album Daydreaming which is due out on November 5th. Now we get to experience the juicy video clip for the song. The new single ‘Tomato Plants‘ is another slice of concise and super-catchy indie guitar pop from Richard. The song ebbs and flows … Continue reading VIDEO PREMIERE: Richard Cuthbert – Tomato Plants

SINGLE PREMIERE: Alex Watts – Moving Borders

Melbourne artist Alex Watts has a brand new single called ‘Moving Borders’ set for release next week and we’re very pleased to be able to premiere the track here on DS. It follows Watts’ previous 2021 singles ‘Overnormal‘ and ‘Damage‘ and finds him diving headlong into kaleidoscopic art pop where strings collide with glorious synths and crisp beats under a glittering mirror ball. Duran Duran … Continue reading SINGLE PREMIERE: Alex Watts – Moving Borders

NEW MUSIC: Bryan Estepa – Back To The Middle

Sydney songwriter Bryan Estepa has just released his brand new Josh Pyke-produced EP Back To The Middle, including its title-track single. The song kicks off like an 80s Springsteen outtake before settling into an irresistible head-nodding rhythm and a super-catchy chorus that swells with an Elvis Costello organ and a Beach Boys-sounding pop exuberance. ‘Everything You Wanted’ changes gear into a wistful Americana-tinged power pop … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Bryan Estepa – Back To The Middle

Listen to A Place To Bury Strangers’ ‘I Need You’ from their Hologram EP

A Place To Bury Strangers are no strangers to noise, distortion and heavy effects. Sometimes it’s used for abrasive purposes but here those elements are like a warm sonic cocoon. Tendrils of electricity embrace the listener, pulling them up into the clouds on a dreamy bed of splintering guitar notes and gauze-like feedback, while the vocal and bass hold the centre in a zen-like state. … Continue reading Listen to A Place To Bury Strangers’ ‘I Need You’ from their Hologram EP

NEW SINGLE/VIDEO: North Arm – Bring The Daylight

2021 sees the return of Sydney group North Arm, four years since the release of their sophomore album. ‘Bring The Daylight’ is the first single and title track from the band’s brand new album, due out on October 15th via Broken Stone Records and Remote Control. The song gently sways and pulses with a warm and encompassing sound built on swooning strings by J Walker (Machine Translations), economical guitar and rolling bass. It’s … Continue reading NEW SINGLE/VIDEO: North Arm – Bring The Daylight

NEW MUSIC: Work Party – NFG

Missing new sounds from Jesus Lizard, Black Flag, METZ etc? Lock your clock on Chicago band Work Party and their new track ‘NFG’ (No Fucks Given). It swings like a sledgehammer or an executioners axe – rough and raw, grinding and irreverent, this is post-punk meets noise rock par excellence. The middle section with spoken word is unsettling and humorous before the song lurches back … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Work Party – NFG