NEW MUSIC: The Gin Palace – Unsettled

The Gin Palace, who include members of Crow, Glide, The Aerial Maps, Charlie Horse, Copperline, Joeys Coop, Caligula and The Finalists in their ranks, have just released the second single from their forthcoming album The Year Of The Dog. ‘Unsettled‘, written by Peter Fenton (Crow) and Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil), is a dialogue with this country’s troubled past, an unflinching, poetic and honest look at a nation’s failings. An essential process required before all … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: The Gin Palace – Unsettled


On the new single and across the new album Like That, the Melbourne group Cool Sounds‘ usual jangle-pop sparkle has been supercharged by a disco-glam stomp, making for their most immediate record yet. Like That finds a bright pop-funk sweet spot between Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Hot Chip and 80s Francois K mixes. On this track you can also hear the enigmatic twitch and jerk of … Continue reading COOL SOUNDS RELEASE THE BREEZY FUNK OF ‘6 OR 7 MORE’

VIDEO PREMIERE: Victoria – Favourite Teacher

Sydney indie rock quartet Victoria have a brand new single out today called ‘Favourite Teacher‘, the follow up single to ‘Creative Frenzy’, out on Wayne Connolly’s Scenic Drive Records. The track perfectly captures that laconic, sun-dappled sound of wistful, jangly guitar pop. From The Bats, Sneaky Feelings and the latter day work of David Kilgour (The Clean) to their equals from this side of the Tasman, … Continue reading VIDEO PREMIERE: Victoria – Favourite Teacher


oWo possess a dark and supremely catchy sound that casts a familiar shadow back to the 90s heyday of alternative Australian rock music while still sounding like a pure product of the bars and pubs of Sydney’s Inner West in 2022. In the immortal words of oWo, “Rock’s not dead. It’s just inherently unstable.” On the back of the well-received singles ‘Super Role Model’ and ‘Exit Plan‘, the … Continue reading THE DEBUT ALBUM BY SYDNEY TRIO OWO IS OUT NOW

NEW SINGLE: The Finalists – Hunting Knife

The third single from The Finalists‘ debut album First, ‘Hunting Knife’ finds the band digging into a big bright sound that showcases their love of chiming and dreamy guitars, lively drums, melodic bass lines and melancholic hooks aplenty. Across its three minutes, songwriter Mark Tobin sings of a catastrophist who starts smoking again because he believes the world will end before he gets cancer. All we need’s fresh water A magnesium fire … Continue reading NEW SINGLE: The Finalists – Hunting Knife

ALBUM REVIEW: Squid – Bright Green Field

Squid – Bright Green Field (Warp Records / Inertia Music) The last year or two have felt like yet another golden period of forward-thinking UK music. There has been a fascinating sonic collision of indie, jazz, post-punk, art-rock and avant-pop that has thrown forth various musical enigmas such as Black Midi, Black Country, New Road, Shame, Dry Cleaning and the various jazz-based incarnations of Shabaka … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Squid – Bright Green Field

Bats Galore… New music from within and around The Bats

Dunedin and indeed NZ music royalty The Bats have been pretty busy of late. They released their new LP Foothills last year, to wide acclaim, and earlier this month they also intriguingly released an instrumental version of the album on Bandcamp which gives a really interesting twist on the songs, allowing the rhythm section of perpetual motion and those sparkling guitars to take centre stage. … Continue reading Bats Galore… New music from within and around The Bats

NEWS: Ups and Downs Release New EP Another Country

The EP, featuring covers of iconic songs by Wire, XTC, The Comsat Angels, The Korgis and The Passions is out now via Basketcase Records/Redeye Worldwide Australia’s favourite jangly guitar/paisley popsters Ups and Downs return with this five track EP of covers of much-loved new wave and post punk tunes from the ’80s! They say the past is ‘another country’, and it is well worth revisiting as Ups and Downs lovingly reclaim alternative classics by XTC, Wire, The Passions and The Comsat Angels. One of … Continue reading NEWS: Ups and Downs Release New EP Another Country

ALBUM REVIEW: Darren Cross – Keeping Up?

Darren Cross returns with a new album called Keeping Up? In recent years he’s explored folk noir with Jep and Dep, his own eclectic solo albums and a pair of instrumental acoustic folk albums under the moniker D.C Cross. Here he orbits planet Gerling closer than he has since the band split back in in the late 00s. It’s still a totally different musical creature … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Darren Cross – Keeping Up?

NEW MUSIC: Jessica – Pictures

Jessica (one half of Jep & Dep) has just released her brand new debut album The Space Between on Bandcamp and ‘Pictures’ is the second single from to be drawn from what is a beautifully ethereal and immersive collection of songs. ‘Pictures’ rides a hypnotic guitar line reminiscent of Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood before Jessica’s vocal takes centre-stage, unfurling and overlapping with itself as she wanders … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Jessica – Pictures

NEW MUSIC: Buddy Glass – If You Sail Out (feat. Rhiannon Back)

A steady chiming guitar sets the scene before Rhiannon Back’s (The Gaze) hypnotic and melodic incantations enter the fray on Sydney songwriter and Peabody frontman Buddy Glass‘ new single, the second taste of his forthcoming album Wow & Flutter. As a primitive Mo Tucker-indebted percussion joins the procession, there’s a clear nod to the Velvet Underground and their droning pop nuggets. While Glass’ first single … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Buddy Glass – If You Sail Out (feat. Rhiannon Back)

NEW MUSIC: Tom Ashbrook – Oaktrees

Ambient and (neo)classical compositions can often tread a fine line, evaporating into the ethereal realm or overstating their grandeur. Both extremes lack the required balance of satiating the heart and the mind. In the hands of auteurs such as Nils Frahm, Brian Eno and Harold Budd, music of this ilk can blossom and sway with the most subtle of transitions and adjustments – and it’s those … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Tom Ashbrook – Oaktrees