BORIS, Japan’s finest exponents of extreme music have announced the release of their new album Heavy Rocks (2022), the latest in their series of Heavy Rocks albums and part of the celebration of their 30th anniversary. Once again they’ve thrown caution to the wind and dived deep into 70s rock and 80s metal with coruscating intensity. Check out the video clip below to hear the … Continue reading JAPAN’S BORIS RELEASE NEW SINGLE AND ANNOUNCE NEW ALBUM HEAVY ROCKS (2022)

NEW MUSIC: Preamp Disaster – Above The Bloodline

Swiss band Preamp Disaster released their new album By The Edges earlier this month and the main single from it is this giant, swinging slab of heavy, metallic post-rock – ‘Above The Bloodline‘. The song is one of those tracks that builds and builds in intensity and density across three minutes before the dynamics splinter and take a deep breath before the vocals enter the … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Preamp Disaster – Above The Bloodline

NEW MUSIC: Work Party – NFG

Missing new sounds from Jesus Lizard, Black Flag, METZ etc? Lock your clock on Chicago band Work Party and their new track ‘NFG’ (No Fucks Given). It swings like a sledgehammer or an executioners axe – rough and raw, grinding and irreverent, this is post-punk meets noise rock par excellence. The middle section with spoken word is unsettling and humorous before the song lurches back … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Work Party – NFG

NEW MUSIC: Children Collide – Man of the People

Children Collide are releasing their fourth album Time Itself on August 27th and today they’ve debuted the video clip for the single ‘Man of the People’. Great guitar sound on the track too – thick and crunchy like Cobain’s distortion pedal on a desert field trip with Kyuss, playing Sabbath covers. Man of the People erupts with all the hallmarks of Children Collide – riffs that … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Children Collide – Man of the People

NEW VIDEO: The Datsuns – Dehumanise

Directed by Sam Kristofski, here’s the third single from The Datsuns‘ recently released album Eye To Eye. I’ve been really impressed with the new album. It’s defiantly still the same essential sound for the New Zealand band – that mix of classic, stoner and psychedelic rock music. They certainly haven’t mellowed with age though, this track kicks like a drunken mule! As the press release … Continue reading NEW VIDEO: The Datsuns – Dehumanise

NEW MUSIC: The Lonesomes – Dog Days

‘Dog Days’, the brilliant new track from The Lonesomes starts off as post-punk by numbers with it’s straight drums, bass pulse and doom-laden shadowy vocal but then, after the straight-line/tension-build it all goes snaky riffs and a lull in proceedings before a dark 80s video game synth takes over proceedings and ratchets up the intensity, kicking the song into sonic pulverising overdrive. Intense and manic … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: The Lonesomes – Dog Days

NEW MUSIC: A Burial At Sea – Nice From Afar, Far From Nice

There hasn’t been a lot of heavy music this year that has moved us and it was a refreshing surprise when we came across this track from instrumental Irish group A Burial At Sea. It’s post rock at the metallic end of the spectrum where changes happen in an instant amid the guitar crunch and clever drumming. What makes these guys standout from many other … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: A Burial At Sea – Nice From Afar, Far From Nice

NEW MUSIC: Champion Motorist – Dear Liars

‘Dear Liars’ is a new track from Melbourne post-rock duo Champion Motorist. Andrew McLaughlin (guitar & synths) and Paul Shea (drums) are clearly at the atmospheric post-metal end of the post-rock spectrum and this track, from their new EP Slight Return, travels a magnificent arc from the scene-setting tension and slow build dynamics through to the four minute mark, where that dissipates into the aether before … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Champion Motorist – Dear Liars

NEW MUSIC: Wolf & Cub – Close To The Edge

We loved ‘Blue State’, the first new single from the band and this one kicks with the same dark intent. Choppy verses that emerge into a widescreen rock chorus that swings like a heavyweight. Shades of QOTSA with a side serving of Fugazi just below the surface. “’Close to the Edge’ is a commentary on a communication breakdown” states Joel Byrne, “it’s essentially the soundtrack to a really … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Wolf & Cub – Close To The Edge

NEW MUSIC: Mockcharge – Marauder

New York metal trio Mockcharge deliver in spades on their recent single ‘Marauder’, with its breakneck speed riffs, deadly screams and at its mid-point it drops gears and gets low-slung and sleazy before a hi-hat count-off sends the song to its crashing conclusion. To our ears it sounds like a beautiful collision between Motörhead and White Zombie. Of the track the band say: “This song … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Mockcharge – Marauder

NEW MUSIC: Pabst – Hell

Simple music done well, with fire and passion, great production, hooks and attitude. German group Pabst have it in spades on their recently released single ‘Hell’, taken from their brand new album Deuce Ex Machina. The song has a glam stomp that bristles and surges impressively. Alt rock that sounds like it belongs on radio and in sweat-soaked dive bars. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Pabst – Hell