Photo Credit: Yoshihiro Mori

BORIS, Japan’s finest exponents of extreme music have announced the release of their new album Heavy Rocks (2022), the latest in their series of Heavy Rocks albums and part of the celebration of their 30th anniversary.

Once again they’ve thrown caution to the wind and dived deep into 70s rock and 80s metal with coruscating intensity. Check out the video clip below to hear the first single from the album, the glorious breakneck, wail and screech of ‘She Is Burning‘ featuring drummer Atsuo on lead vocal.

BORIS say of the new album and their 30th anniversary:

“The world has changed over the last two years. Everyone’s thinking is simpler and pragmatic. Now, it is easier for everyone to grasp what is important to each of us. We leave it to the future and pass it on. The soul of rock music is constantly evolving. A soul that transcends words and meaning to reach you – instinct, intuition, and fangs. This is the heavy rock of Boris now. As we land on our 30th anniversary, Boris continues to evolve, accelerating the latest and universal. Boris does not lead anyone anywhere. We just keep showing this attitude.”

Heavy Rocks (2022) is out August 12th and the band play the Sydney Opera House as part of Vivid on Sunday June 5th, the Rising festival at Max Watts in Melbourne on the 10th and the Odeon Theatre, Hobart for Dark Mofo on June 12th.


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