Screaming Bones is the one-man project of Mike Ludwig who lives near Darmstadt in Germany. Browsing through his Bandcamp page it quickly becomes clear that he’s a creative spirit, with a collection of EP and album releases under Screaming Bones name.

‘Not Welcome’ slowly unfurls across seven minutes of dubbed out sensory immersion. The repeating synth/bass motif casts a nod to ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’, albeit after undergoing a slowed and hallucinatory treatment. Effect-laden guitars send tendrils of searching notes out into the sonic mist while a robotic, pulsing drum pattern is the constant anchor. This track reminded me of various exponents of dub techno, industrial and ambient – from Aotearoa’s finest, Pitch Black, to some of the acts on the On-U Sound label.

The track is partnered with the even longer, thirteen minute ‘In This World‘. Another interplanetary exploration of cosmic proportions.

Beautiful, weighty and gaseous sounds to get lost in.

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