Screaming Bones is the one-man project of Mike Ludwig who lives near Darmstadt in Germany. Browsing through his Bandcamp page it quickly becomes clear that he’s a creative spirit, with a collection of EP and album releases under Screaming Bones name. ‘Not Welcome’ slowly unfurls across seven minutes of dubbed out sensory immersion. The repeating synth/bass motif casts a nod to ‘Papa Was A Rolling … Continue reading SCREAMING BONES STRETCH OUT THROUGH DUB, POST ROCK AND PSYCHEDELIA

NEW MUSIC: Pabst – Hell

Simple music done well, with fire and passion, great production, hooks and attitude. German group Pabst have it in spades on their recently released single ‘Hell’, taken from their brand new album Deuce Ex Machina. The song has a glam stomp that bristles and surges impressively. Alt rock that sounds like it belongs on radio and in sweat-soaked dive bars. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Pabst – Hell

NEW MUSIC: Musketeer – Wolves

German songwriter Musketeer has released this haunting slice of melancholia – folk-like with a gothic twist. It unfurls beautifully with a strong poetic bent. Described as a howling testament to a pack of wolves returning to Denmark (after not being sighted there for 200 years), this version of ‘Wolves’ is built around acoustic guitar and a synth – a much starker version that the drums-assisted previous … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Musketeer – Wolves

NEW MUSIC: Mofer – Sometimes

You know when you hear something that sounds so familiar, the sum of their influences but you can’t nail them down to any degree of specificity? That was how felt on hearing this track from German band Mofer. It’s steeped in the history of post-punk, with the anguish-tinged, staring-at-the-horizon vocal, that Stephen Morris-like drumming and guitars that skate across the surface of the song. It … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Mofer – Sometimes

NEW MUSIC: Bensnburner – Meanwhile

Deep rhythms, warm tones and hypnotic glitches collide with hypnotic synth mantras and smears of post-rock guitar on this track from German composer Bensnburner. It comes from his new album (late September release) which was recorded in an empty 400 square metre hangar with a 30 metre high ceiling that created a seven second reverb. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Bensnburner – Meanwhile

NEW MUSIC: Drens – Yellow Teeth

Drens are a band out of Dortmund/Cologne Germany and this song, ‘Yellow Teeth’, is one of five singles they’ve released in 2018. They’ve got a slacker surf/psych punk sound. They have bits Of Jay Reatard and Girls in their music and like those acts they’ve got a knack for balancing noise and harmony.   Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Drens – Yellow Teeth