NEW MUSIC: Syndrom Samazvanca – Alimpijada-20

Cosmic Krautrock rhythms, mystical atmospheric electronica and psychedelic space rock are the orders of the day on this superb instrumental track from this Belarusian duo. They cite both CAN and King Gizzard as influences and that’s a good description of the heady grooves at play on this track. The song comes from Syndrom Samazvanca‘s (translated as “imposter syndrome”) new album Sonk, out now via streaming services … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Syndrom Samazvanca – Alimpijada-20

NEW MUSIC: Cong Josie – Cong! The Singer

Here’s another winner from Melbourne artist Cong Josie, the frayed nerve endings of ‘Cong! The Singer’. It’s an urgent and insistent sound, shrouded in electronic anxiety and the sweaty palmed fever dream delivery of Alan Vega from Suicide. Psychobilly meets cold wave art pop. Cong Josie is the moniker of Nic Oogjes of Heat Beat ensemble NO ZU and his new album Cong! is a … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Cong Josie – Cong! The Singer

NEW MUSIC: Gold Dime – My House

New York trio Gold Dime recently released this video for the title track of their new album My House. The sum of their parts but each distinctly carving their own niche in the band’s sound – Andrya Ambro (drums/vocals), Ian Douglas-Moore (bass), John Bohannon (guitar) all play with/off each other in a heavily rhythmic and mantra-like way. There are dense, pummelling sections, punctuated by squalls of … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Gold Dime – My House

NEW MUSIC: Caoilfhionn Rose – Being Human

‘Being Human’, by Manchester songwriter and producer Caoilfhionn Rose (pronounced Keelin) is one of those tracks that combines mystery, beauty, lush production and a voice that possesses effortless melodic qualities. It comes from her debut LP Awaken, out now on Gondwana Records. Mixing pastoral folk, light psychedelia and indie sensibilities the song is a good reflection of the overall strength of Awaken as an album. Recommended! Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Caoilfhionn Rose – Being Human

NEW MUSIC: Easy Street – Get On

Australian band Easy Street throw a Dylan-like urging vocal and some loose-limbed exuberance into the musical blender on this new track ‘Get On’. It’s one of those songs that feels purpose-built for the fast approaching warmer months. Hailing from Sydney, the quintet have a great carefree and melodic, garage psychedelia going on in their sound. We’re looking forward to hearing more from the band. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Easy Street – Get On

NEW MUSIC: Mofer – Sometimes

You know when you hear something that sounds so familiar, the sum of their influences but you can’t nail them down to any degree of specificity? That was how felt on hearing this track from German band Mofer. It’s steeped in the history of post-punk, with the anguish-tinged, staring-at-the-horizon vocal, that Stephen Morris-like drumming and guitars that skate across the surface of the song. It … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Mofer – Sometimes

NEW MUSIC: Static Masks – Dust

Some woozy, classic-sounding indie rock from the New Orleans band Static Masks. The guitars sparkle and charm over a precise and measured rhythm section. There are elements of post rock such as Tortoise and the explorations of Pan Am and it builds and evolves into a wonderfully warm fuzz of interwoven guitars. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Static Masks – Dust

NEW MUSIC: Wy – Softie

Malmö, Sweden duo (Ebba and Michel) Wy are set to released their second LP Softie, at the end of April and this is the title track, a swelling swoon of a song that takes in pop angst, dream-pop swirl and an indie aesthetic. At various times it reminds us of Siouxsie Sioux and Anna Calvi singing the music of Cocteau Twins. It’s emotional and passionate … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Wy – Softie

NEW MUSIC: 100 – Just Us

Crawling out of the Sydney underbelly is 100, a tension-laden quartet with a brand new song to follow-up their EP Cortisone and a split 7″ with Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents. ‘Just Us’ lurches and staggers across the speakers with the creeping malevolence of Jesus Lizard and Nirvana. It’s unhinged yet the band are in full control as they delivered these monolithic crashing post-punk chords … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: 100 – Just Us

NEW MUSIC: Deep Sea Peach Tree – Zanzibar

Woozy, aqueous, dreamy, tripped-out vibes are dripping out of the speakers with this great track from NYC’s Deep Sea Peach Tree. It looks like they’ve been around for a few years with some EP and single releases  and an album, Vaguely Navy (2017), already under their belt. Some of their stuff reminds of the much-missed Girls. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Deep Sea Peach Tree – Zanzibar

NEW MUSIC: Raave Tapes – Stabs

The Newcastle group Raave Tapes are back with a new track that hits a bristling post-punk streak of frenetic drums and some fine yelping from bassist Lindsay O’Connell. The guitar sweeps over the songs in washes of hazy distortion, punctuated by interjecting dotted notes. Great energy and a dynamic arrangement on this song that deals with the often crippling onset of anxiety. “We’re aiming to … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Raave Tapes – Stabs