NEW MUSIC: Brother Sports – Put Out The Fires

Brother Sports (Austin, TX) have digitally released their new single ‘Put Out The Fires’ and it’s a delight of sparkling guitars and nonchalant vocals that recall both The Strokes and and lower-fi version of Real Estate. There’s the requisite jangle and wobble in the guitar sound but they also cast a gauzy layer over the song that gives the music a gritty shimmer. Good stuff. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Brother Sports – Put Out The Fires

NEW MUSIC: Wild Wild Wets – Now Wow

We’ve been coming across a few new psych acts of late and this track by San Diego group Wild Wild Wets is one that caught our ears. ‘Now Wow’ rides a laidback rhythm with rolling bass and some widescreen guitar that bends and distorts through melodic squalls. Singer Mike Turi has one of those dark voices that recalls Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Verve with his … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Wild Wild Wets – Now Wow

NEW MUSIC: Mark Moldre – Fever Dreams I

Mark Moldre returns with the first taste and title track of his forthcoming new album Fever Dreams. This album has been a long time coming and it follows the fine An Ear To The Earth from 2013. ‘Fever Dreams I’ is a jaunty, noisey and unsettling journey into the psychology of virally-induced broken sleep. Moldre’s previous releases have been more melodic and often folkier in … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Mark Moldre – Fever Dreams I

NEW MUSIC: Manorlady – Ready Go Fade Away

Guitars that rock and guitars that caress at the same time are often hard things to come by. Shoegaze made an art form of it and so many bands still mine that vein of beautiful noise. Some mix it with psych rock, others with dream pop or post-punk. Manorlady were raised in the Mojave desert of Eastern California but now they’re based in Santa Cruz. … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Manorlady – Ready Go Fade Away

NEW MUSIC: Kip LaVie – Function Is Form

Taken from the brand new album This Creator, here’s a really nice track from Kip LaVie, a Portland-based producer. ‘Function Is Form’ has an aqueous feel, burbling and constantly in motion as organic and synthetic sounds intertwine and rise and fall in the mix. The arrangement and production is a standout on this track and stylistically he clearly draws on jazz, avant garde electronic composition … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Kip LaVie – Function Is Form

NEW MUSIC: KERA – Bright Future Ahead (ft. Devendra Banhart)

Previously Kera & The Lesbians, KERA have joined up with folk musician Devendra Banhart for this beautiful slice of cosmic folk music that encourages and touts the joy and importance of communal support and resilience. It’s dreamy, heartfelt and gently soul-stirring stuff. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: KERA – Bright Future Ahead (ft. Devendra Banhart)

NEW MUSIC: Sungaze – New Familiar

Kick off the week with a dose of shoegaze courtesy of North American group Sungaze. It’s the warm season in this part of the world and this track, ‘New Familiar’, suits the weather perfectly with its warm, bucolic strum, hazy and blissed-out vocal and the light-tripping rhythm section. There are touches of Ride and The Charlatans in the dreaminess of the band’s sound. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Sungaze – New Familiar

NEW MUSIC: Fur – Him & Her

Here’s a soaring, brisk slice of indie guitar pop courtesy of UK band FUR. ‘Him & Her’ channels The Beatles, The Kinks and The Las with a light psych touch and without ever getting too coy or knowing in their references. Infectious stuff. Their self-titled EP will be released on February 14th via Nice Swan Records.   Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Fur – Him & Her

NEW MUSIC: Kayla Painter – Sacrificial Magic

Bristol-based Kayla Painter has released a new EP called Cannibals At Sea. Taking influence from her mixed British and Fijian heritage, Painter creates a hypnotic and mystical piece of experimental music that takes in tonal explorations, drone, ethereal vocal layers and electronic and traditional instrumentation. The result is mesmerising, haunting and alluring. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Kayla Painter – Sacrificial Magic

NEW MUSIC: Stray Fossa – Swells

Great sounds out of Charlottesville, VA on this track ‘Swells’. Stray Fossa are a trio who deal in atmospheric and dreamy indie rock. This one rids along on a melancholic afterthought of a vocal, backed by billowing guitar textures, synths, effects and a rhythm section that maintains a warm and steady pulse. It’s one of those immersive tracks to get carried away by. Romantically bruised … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Stray Fossa – Swells

NEW MUSIC: Mother Anxiety – Father Time

Here’s a new tune from Ben Serna-Grey (Mother Anxiety), someone I haven’t come across before. ‘Father Time’ has a really interesting mix of drone and otherworldly folk music yet it’s placed in a compositional, electronic realm where the different sonic mediums are mixed and twisted, layered and densely woven together, to the point of static decay and fractal implosion. The result is quite mesmerising. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Mother Anxiety – Father Time