NEW MUSIC: Anatomy Class – Reflector Shield

Australian band Anatomy Class release their second new single of 2021 with the sublimely melodic, indie rock sound of ‘Reflector Shield’.

The trio continue their rich vein of form with the followup single ‘Reflector Shield‘ – a song that manages to sound both futuristic and nostalgic in its sonic architecture and richly melodic design. The band are perfectly at home sailing the proverbial winds of indie rock, dream pop and shoegaze – styles that have hybridised into the contemporary sound of modern rock music. The band has always honoured its ’80s and ’90s influences – from the classic sounds of LemonheadsSwervedriver and Pixies – through to more modern day acts such as DovesThe War On Drugs and DIIV. You can clearly hear that musical lineage continue on “Reflector Shield’ as the song envelopes the listener in a warm embrace of guitar chords that chime and sway like the finest moments of Smashing Pumpkins, Teenage Fanclub and Ride.

Embellished and enhanced by legendary Melbourne producer Lindsay Gravina at his Birdland Studios, there’s a rousing, uplifting quality to the song in its ode to silver linings and optimism, as Rosen explains. “With ‘Reflector Shield’, there’s an underlying sense of reflection and nostalgia – looking back to a time when we were younger, when life was a lot simpler and innocent. We could dream, and we believed in those dreams – it was our reality, even for just a day or a moment in time. We could be superheroes, we could “jump into the sky”, we could be whoever we wanted to be,” he reminisces. “There’s an element of romanticism too, the wanting to also share those dreams and journeys with someone. “I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine”, it’s a bit of a universal and timeless theme; seeking that soulmate and companionship, something I think we all search for throughout our lives.

For Anatomy Class, their exciting return, with some of the best music of their career, continues unabated as they head towards a new full-length album. 

“I feel these are our strongest collection of songs yet,” says Rosen. “After years playing together, particularly for Nick and I, the song-writing process felt a lot more intuitive and focused on what the Anatomy Class sound is all about.”


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