NEW MUSIC: Shining Bird release video for new single and announce new 2021 album

Australian band Shining Bird are back with their first new music, ‘No Country For Dreaming’, ahead of their new album Deadlands, due out August 20th via Spunk Records.

‘No Country For Dreaming’ is a gorgeous and wistful wander through the landscape of Australia and the mind, draped in evocative and soulful, autumnal baroque folk-rock.

Produced by Tim Whitten (The Go Betweens, Midnight Oil) and the band’s Russell Webster, there was a conscious decision to strip away the synthesisers and studio trickery to focus on pure song-writing on the new album.   

Keyboardist and producer Webster discusses Tim’s expanded role within the album production this time around, “working with Tim has been an amazing experience. He is essentially the 8th member of The Bird at this point. Tim is an incredibly gifted and intuitive producer who totally gets our sound and vision. He helped us record live takes with little to no overdubs.” 

Thematically, explorations of identity, culture, grief, sorrow and hope all make their way somehow onto this record, lyrically and visually, with album artwork by Archibald prize winner Ben Quilty, and band photography by the highly respected Steven DuPont.

1. Black Armband
2. Deadlands
3. No Country For Dreaming
4. Strangeland
5. Who Are We


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