NEW MUSIC: Negative Nancies – Monkey Chest

Dunedin, New Zealand group Negative Nancies have released the song ‘Monkey Chest’, a discordant, deconstructed art-punk sound that grinds and crawls in a collision of Suicide, queasy Lynchian discomfort and no wave Sonic Youth yelps and chants.

The band’s strangely intoxicating sound is manfested on their new album HEATWAVE, out now via the Fishrider Records label and in their own words it “sounds like it was recorded in a concrete basement with power cords running through puddles of water, everything crackling with live arcing electricity and a sense of impending danger.”

Negative Nancies are Tess Mackay – Casio keyboard, vocals, Emilie Smith – Drums, vocals, Mick Elborado – Guitar, vocals.


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