NEW MUSIC: Cederick Knox – Autumn Leaf

Taken from his March EP Spack in the Box Allstars vol. 1, ‘Autumn Leaf’ is Cederick Knox‘s nod to the common jazz standard ‘Autumn Leaves’ – often used as an early track in learning jazz improvisation.

Cederick Knox is a Brighton, UK based producer/composer and co-founder of the Ceremonial Laptop experimental music night and label. For this project he brought together members of Squid, Pelican Man and ‘Spack in the Box’ a YouTube drummer and TikTok star with cerebral palsy.

It’s an intoxicating sound. Both calming and hypnotic while at the same time inducing a subtle sense of dread and psychic disorientation. They describe the music as nodding to 70s psychedelic jazz and downtempo electronica, evoking a kind of paranoiac lounge muzak. There are distorted hauntological echoes and fake memories of jazz clubs, late 90s chillout rooms, and catwalk electronica as if filtered through the postwar European Avant-Garde.

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