NEW MUSIC: Damien Binder – Everything But

Following the release of his first single for 2021, ‘Here It Is’, Perth-based New Zealand singer-songwriter Damien Binder releases its follow-up ‘Everything But’.

The new single ‘Everything But‘ continues Damien’s exploration of a new stylistic direction. He’s taken his proven credentials as a consummate songwriter and married them with the acclaimed production nous of Matt Gio (Katy Steele, Birds of Tokyo, Abbey May, Rudimental). The melodies sound even sweeter, the songs more poetic and the overall sound is one that defies categorisation by way of its universality.

Both of Damien’s new singles are the first taste of his fifth solo album currently in production with Gio. It’s been five years since Damien released his last album, the critically acclaimed A New World – years in which he relocated from Sydney to Perth, refocused on his songwriting craft and has now returned with renewed intent and exemplary songs. 

As Damien explains, as “Everything But’ started to take shape in the studio it was the instrumentation that shaped the sound and feel of the final recording. “When we started out building the track Matt got this drum and keyboard feel going which reminded me a little of  some parts of ‘Tunnel of Love’ (Springsteen) – Not a bad thing I thought!”

On the surface the track emanates a warm glow, the perfect counterpoint to the gentle sway of acoustic guitar and the clipped accents of an electric guitar.

The sound the pair conjured up is one that perfectly reflects the idea and sentiment behind the song. “We decided to follow that vibe keeping it spare but atmospheric and driving forward. Originally while writing this I was looking back a bit at the path that brought me to this point in the last 5 years, about the idea of growth & independence and one’s intuition, of learning to listen to and trust it,” Damien reveals. “I wanted to try and capture the mood of that journey while still looking forward.”

The feel of ‘Everything But’ is one of classic melancholic indie rock as Damien reflects on his personal journey while casting his eyes to the horizon. The War On DrugsThe PoliceNeil Finn and widescreen 80s pop are all sonic and stylistic touchstones on this evocative new single from an artist who continues to explore and develop his world-class songwriting craft.


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