Anatomy Class release video clip for their single Welcome To The Ages

Australian band Anatomy Class are excited to release the video clip accompanying their new 2021 single ‘Welcome To The Ages‘ directed and animated by stop-motion animators Eleanor & Giovanni.

As Ant Rosen explains, the whole creative process of putting together the clip, was a highly rewarding experience. “Working on the video for ‘Welcome To The Ages’ was a really cool process. Eleanor & Giovanni work out of their home studio space in Canberra and I was drawn to their style after seeing some of the projects they had worked on. We met a bunch of times over Zoom (as you do in this day and age) to discuss the song and the feelings it evokes, which lead to ideas for the video. We came up with the idea where the main character falls into a bit of a time vortex, exploring things from his past and travelling through time before he needs to get back to where he started from. It’s a bit abstract and dreamlike, and even though it’s animated, I feel there is real life and emotion that comes through in the video. It’s a fun clip too, I reckon it looks unreal!”

I don’t even know what’s right, and I can’t get to sleep at night, just take me back to where we were before,” sings Rosen through the chorus, an exceptionally relatable refrain in 2021. However, when those words arrive on ‘Welcome To The Ages,’ they seem to be delivered from that world of love, rather than the world of fear. 

“All the songs are personal in their own way,” admits Rosen, “but a song like ‘Welcome To The Ages’ in particular is one which is quite reflective for me. Even more so now after such big personal life changes for me coupled with what we’ve all collectively gone through recently with the global pandemic. I hope that sentiment resonates through.”Arriving with the warm immediacy of power pop, swaddled in layers of guitar reverb and subtle harmonies, ‘Welcome To The Ages’ possesses that same sense of awe that drifted through so much of the triumphant rock and roll that emerged at the turn of the century. Indeed, Anatomy Class has always worn its ’80s and ’90s influences on its proverbial sleeves – from the classic sounds of Lemonheads, Swervedriver an Pixies – through to the more modern day acts like Doves, The War On Drugs and DIIV.For Anatomy Class, it’s an exciting return with what they see as just the first taste of what quite possibly is some of the best music of their career. “I feel these are our strongest collection of songs yet,” says Rosen. “After years playing together, particularly for Nick and I, the song-writing process felt a lot more intuitive and focused on what the Anatomy Class sound is all about.”


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