NEW MUSIC: Cong Josie – Persephone

The drama is high on this recent single from Melbourne artist Cong Josie. It sways, pulses and seduces like the love child of Suicide and early primitive Depeche Mode. That said, there’s a lushness to the sound. Tropical funk in a woozy state of sunstroke or The Cramps sipping piña colada’s poolside.

Cong Josie is Nic Oogjes, best known as the bandleader of heat beat ensemble NO ZU. While Cong Josie is ostensibly a solo project, Nicolaas has enlisted talented friends to contribute both to the recording and production of the album and as a live band. Cayn Borthwick (or, Cong Josie non-de plume, Johnny Cayn) also from NO ZU provides the most significant contributions performing the majority of the tonal instrumentation (Nicolaas programs the rhythms and some basslines) and support. Kate Bishop, Margarita Strateas, Cassandra Kiely (CJ band name, Cassandra Capri) of Pearls fame and Simone Page-Jones (Mona Rêves), the triple-threat star of the Dark MoFo school of alt cabaret performers all perform backing vocals. Finally, Simone Galassi (Italy) also contributed from afar to add sharp, reverb-drenched, and almost-crying guitar on two tracks.

There’s a debut solo album on the way via IT Records.


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