ALBUM REVIEW: New War – Trouble In The Air

New War Trouble In The Air Heavy Machinery Records Last year Sarah Mary Chadwick released an album that she’d recorded on the Melbourne Town Hall Organ – the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. New War had already ticked that box in 2017 when they recorded this new live album. While Chadwick created a grand widescreen soundtrack to her songs, her Melbourne contemporaries … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: New War – Trouble In The Air

ALBUM REVIEW: Underground Lovers – A Left Turn

Underground Lovers A Left Turn Rubber Records ★★★★ Underground Lovers are back with their ninth studio album, their third since they reactivated after a hiatus through the first decade of the 21st century. That return showed they were still in fine form with their blend of psychedelic indie rock and electronica and they’ve again produced a strong album that brings those elements together in perfect … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Underground Lovers – A Left Turn

ALBUM REVIEW: Refused – War Music

Refused War Music Spinefarm/Search and Destroy ★★★½ With the band’s split in 1998, it took 14 years for them to spread their various music wings (including the excellent International Noise Conspiracy) and re-set their personal lives before reconvening for live shows and then delivering the strong comeback album Freedom in 2015. It showed they were still vital and able to conjure up fire-in-the-belly forward thinking … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Refused – War Music

ALBUM REVIEW: Chastity Belt – Chastity Belt

Music is about mood and the way it sonically hits the ears, heart and mind just as much as it’s about the stories and ideas conveyed by the lyrics. The appeal of Chastity Belt’s new self-titled album lies in both elements but it’s the overall sound and the warm dreaminess that billows out of the speakers that provides the strongest appeal and connection point. All … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Chastity Belt – Chastity Belt

EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Fleeting Persuasion – Forever Caught

  We’re very pleased to be able to premiere a stream of the brand new album from Fleeting Persuasion, the latest nom de plume of Melbourne songwriter James Spencer Harrison. He’s previously released music under the name J M S Harrison but now, with a richer and denser full band sound on Forever Caught he’s launched it under Fleeting Persuasion. Sonically persuading it is too, … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Fleeting Persuasion – Forever Caught

ALBUM REVIEW: Aldous Harding – Designer

Aldous Harding Designer 4Ad / Remote Control Aldous Harding’s artistic trajectory continues to billow skyward on her third album, the second produced by John Parish for the 4AD label. Long gone is the stark and fragile folk of her debut, though it still lurks under the surface of what is now lush and detailed avant chanteuse pop music. The quirkiness of Harding’s vocal delivery has … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Aldous Harding – Designer


Big Thief U.F.O.F. 4AD What started with a debut album in 2016, that introduced a fragile and poetic songwriter and her band, has blossomed into a fascinating and quickly evolving career for Adrienne Lenker and the rest of Big Thief. They’ve been touring relentlessly, Lenker even having time to record a well received solo record last year. From Masterpiece to Capacity and now U.F.O.F, the … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Big Thief – U.F.O.F

ALBUM REVIEW: Lambchop – This (is what I wanted to tell you)

Lambchop This (Is What I Wanted To Tell You) Merge Records The band Lambchop is a very different beast these days, compared to a decade ago when they numbered up to 12 members with more of a conventional country soul sound. Now Lambchop is essentially Kurt Wagner with a small coterie of collaborators – a much more intimate proposition yet still possessing the gorgeous and … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Lambchop – This (is what I wanted to tell you)

ALBUM REVIEW: Beastwars – IV

Beastwars IV Destroy Records Sometimes it takes monumental life events to galvanise a band, or any creative endeavour for that matter. In the case of New Zealand band Beastwars it was the diagnosis singer Matt Hyde received, confirming Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In the weeks following his chemotherapy treatment the band hit the studio and recorded their fourth album – a blistering, pummelling, cathartic battle cry of … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Beastwars – IV

ALBUM REVIEW: Amyl & The Sniffers – Amyl & The Sniffers

Amyl & The Sniffers Amyl & The Sniffers Flightless Records Roaring out of the gates like an amalgam of Motorhead, AC/DC and The Datsuns, Amyl & The Sniffers know the power of simplicity, attitude and abandon on their debut self-titled album. It’s a lean 11 songs that capture the spirit and verve of their live shows surprisingly well due to an avoidance of unnecessary studio … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Amyl & The Sniffers – Amyl & The Sniffers

EP REVIEW: Body Type – EP2

Body Type EP2 Inertia Music / Partisan The Sydney quartet are releasing this, their second EP, on the eve of a UK tour, another sign of the band’s rising star status on the international stage. Of course, they’ve been the local talk of the town for a couple of years, building a solid following via their own shows and some fine support slots.  If EP … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Body Type – EP2

ALBUM REVIEW: Kevin Morby – Oh My God

Apparently Kevin Morby went into the studio and recorded this album two years ago, before he released his last record, City Music. It sounds quite different to that album, different to his breakthrough album Singing Saw as well. What came out of those studio sessions is a concept album of sorts, one that is tied into the theme of religion, by someone who states that … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Kevin Morby – Oh My God