NEW MUSIC: Pardans – Hookers (with Hidden Depths) & Over The Moon And Beyond

Here are two live studio session tracks from the Danish jazz-punk quintet Pardans. They’ve been together since 2015 and draw equally from the jazz world of Ornette Coleman and the darker, knottier sounds of post-punk and Captain Beefheart. There’s a great intensity and drive in these songs – woozy, rambunctious and lurching, like Birthday Party falling down the stairs at a jazz joint. ‘Hookers (With … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Pardans – Hookers (with Hidden Depths) & Over The Moon And Beyond

NEW MUSIC: Marble Arch – I’m On My Way

More new shoegaze sounds today! This time it’s courtesy of Frenchman Yann Le Razavet who, as Marble Arch, records music that draws heavily on the likes of New Order and Ride. He makes it sound effortless with cascading melodies, obscured vocals and synths and guitars that blur into one billowing vapour of 80s indie pop. Marble Arch have a full album on the way in … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Marble Arch – I’m On My Way

NEW MUSIC: Sail Into Night – Glass

We get sent a ton of music submissions and there’s so much uninspiring music that when something of the quality and resonance of Sail Into Night hits your headphones it really stands out. This is the first music we’ve featured from Dubai, U.A.E. and the group is essentially the project of Pakistani duo Nabil Qizilbash and Zara Mahmood who have been writing together for three years. … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Sail Into Night – Glass


WINKING AT POP MUSIC Matt Corby has come a long way from his solo folk beginnings. Here he takes us into the creative process behind his colourful new  second album, Rainbow Valley. by Chris Familton The album title suggests some kind of idealised nature-based community where everything exists in harmony and for Corby and his family, that’s why they’ve settled in the area of the … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Matt Corby

NEW MUSIC: Mount Sinai – Weightless

Mount Sinai from the United Kingdom is the work of songwriter Mark S. Aaron, formally known as Rooster Cole and frontman and songwriter of Black Black Hills. Weightless is a really nice noir-textured song that lurches along on piano and brass while Aaron intones dramatic soliloquies over the top of the dark mood below. It really hits its straps in the final minute where guitars rise … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Mount Sinai – Weightless

NEW MUSIC: Joey Walker – On Top

This song caught my attention early with a vocal sound and feel that reminded me of Wild Beasts. Stick with it and it’ll take you on a journey. It builds into a turbulent cacophony like Josh T Pearson’s Lift To Experience before the clouds part momentarily and a more darkly euphoric swell spirals upward for the last two minutes. It’s epic and immersive, emotive post-rock … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Joey Walker – On Top

NEW MUSIC: Drens – Yellow Teeth

Drens are a band out of Dortmund/Cologne Germany and this song, ‘Yellow Teeth’, is one of five singles they’ve released in 2018. They’ve got a slacker surf/psych punk sound. They have bits Of Jay Reatard and Girls in their music and like those acts they’ve got a knack for balancing noise and harmony.   Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Drens – Yellow Teeth

NEW MUSIC: Aaron Taos – Loneliness

The idea of loneliness is explored beautifully on this track from Aaron Taos. He places the vocals right in the middle of the mix while drum machine, atmospheric guitars and other effects swirl and drift around the central vortex of the song. Taos says of the song… ‘Loneliness’ is a song I wrote when I was going through a really rough patch. I was in the … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Aaron Taos – Loneliness

NEW MUSIC: Hideous Sun Demon – Ssppuunnkk

West Australian psych-punks Hideous Sun Demon have unleashed this new track on us, the psychotic swagger of ‘Ssppuunnkk’ which staggers across the speakers, drops to its knees and crawls deeper into a drug fever. Slashing guitar shreds sonic holes through the song,  above the pummelling rhythm section and Vincent Buchanan-Simpson ’s ferocious lead vocal. Their album Fame Erotic Dream is out now. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Hideous Sun Demon – Ssppuunnkk

NEW MUSIC: Magnus – Saints, Sedated

Sydney trio Magnus know how to hit the metal, indulge the boogie, stoner rock vibe and stay perfectly on the wrong side of weird on this digital single ‘Saints, Sedated’. It hits a super solid pounding sprint home at the back end after digging into jazz metal noir and desert rock grooves. The track features Lucius Borich (Cog) on drums, percussion, backing vocals and organ. … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Magnus – Saints, Sedated