French Disco Boogie Sounds (1975-1984)

For total indulgence and unabated dance floor pleasure you can’t go past this compilation of French soul, pop, funk and disco tracks from 1975-1984. Selected by Charles Maurice, the album was released last year on the Favorite label. Hit the Bandcamp link below to stream and/or buy the album on 2LP, CD and digital formats. In their words: Helped by a close connoisseur friend, DJ … Continue reading French Disco Boogie Sounds (1975-1984)

ALBUM REVIEW: Danzig – Skeletons

Covers albums can be hit or miss affairs, sometimes insightful and revelatory, often indulgent and derivative. Glenn Danzig’s selections and interpretations sit somewhere in the middle. He has certainly applied the demonic, grandiose metal Danzig sound to these songs, though often they sound like poorly recorded demos. In particular Elvis’ Let Yourself Go works well, as does his Ramones ramalama take on The Troggs’ With … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Danzig – Skeletons

LIVE REVIEW: Moon Duo, Grinding Eyes, Glass Skies @ NSC, Sydney (10/12/15)

Opening this evening of psych rock was Glass Skies who whipped up a hard stoner/space rock barrage of riffs and grooves for the few early arrivals. The singer/guitarist overplayed his hand with teeth and behind-the-head solos but they nailed the ‘rock’ aspect of psychedelic music convincingly. Grinding Eyes enhanced the tripped-out mood of the evening with a a sea of projected images flooding the band … Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: Moon Duo, Grinding Eyes, Glass Skies @ NSC, Sydney (10/12/15)

LIVE REVIEW: Julia Holter, Marcus Whale @ NSC, Sydney (09/12/15)

This was a night for a light to be shone on the more distant edges of pop music, where obtuse angles and bold and wilder imaginations take flight. Marcus Whale had emailed Julia Holter requesting a support slot and his wish was granted. Holter and local label Mistletone’s trust was more than rewarded with a riveting opening set that took militant drums, a caustic electronic … Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: Julia Holter, Marcus Whale @ NSC, Sydney (09/12/15)

LIVE REVIEW: Mercury Rev @ OAF

MERCURY REV, JAMES DELA CRUZ (DJ SET) @ Oxford Art Factory, 07 December 2015 Eschewing the usual opening band, the warm-up honours went to James Dela Cruz (The Avalanches) who played an eclectic hour long DJ set that stretched from Neil Young to warm techno flows and some fine turntablism skills. Mercury Rev hold a fairly unique position in music with their fantastical, dramatic sound that hits … Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: Mercury Rev @ OAF

LIVE REVIEW: Thurston Moore @ Metro Theatre

Thurston Moore, Gold Class @ Metro Theatre, Sydney (05/12/15) When you have half of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine’s bassist on stage one would expect the venue to be fairly brimming with indie rock fans right? It was a surprise then, and somewhat disappointing, to be greeted with a curtained off and reduced capacity theatre that still only made it to two thirds capacity. … Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: Thurston Moore @ Metro Theatre


Hippie Days Are Here Again Dan Kelly thought he was going to write and record and quick follow-up to his 2010 album Dan Kelly’s Dream but instead songs were scrapped and re-written, countries were explored and finally, after unexpectedly meeting an old friend in the main street of Nimbin the seed for Leisure Panic was planted, as Kelly explains to Chris Familton. That jump-off point … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Dan Kelly


Anything Can Be Psychedelic Moon Duo’s Sanae Yamada discusses their place in psychedelic music, adding a live drummer to their line-up and performing to the ashes of dead people, with Chris Familton. As the name suggests Moon Duo are a musical pairing, the collaborative project of Yamada and partner Ripley Johnson. The latter is best known for his work with San Francisco psych/drone group Wooden … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Moon Duo

ALBUM REVIEW: Here We Go Magic – Be Small

On their fourth album Here We Go Magic have lost some of their magic. While 2012’s A Different Ship radiated a rhythmic warmth Be Small feels just that – restrained, inferior and a retreat from the potential the band had to step outside of the shadows of contemporaries such as Radiohead and Grizzly Bear. There’s a late resurrection with the nimble electronic pulse of Tokyo … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Here We Go Magic – Be Small

ALBUM REVIEW: You Beauty – Illywhacka

Their debut Jersey Flegg initially received no attention on its release but it quickly built a fanbase around its concept (rugby league) and sonic palette. Illywhacka hits similar territory musically and again they’ve loosely based it around a theme, this time online dating. There are shades of Real Estate, Girls and Mac DeMarco in the trembling and shimmering guitars and the way the bass dances … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: You Beauty – Illywhacka

LIVE REVIEW: The Fall, Gold Class, Orion @ Metro Theatre (21/10/15)

Post-punk was the order of the night and Orion lived up to the label by diving deep into effect-laden guitar, melodic bass and stentorian vocals; the hallmarks of bands such as Joy Division and The Cure. Backed by the cold repetition of a drum machine they impressed in their ability to conjure no-frills melancholic music that hit an emotional sweet spot as readily as it … Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: The Fall, Gold Class, Orion @ Metro Theatre (21/10/15)

NEW MUSIC: Tindersticks – Hey Lucinda

Tindersticks rearranged my universe in a small way when I first heard their Simple Pleasure album in 1999. It was around the same time that I fell for Lambchop, Mogwai and various other bands that dealt in graceful musical moods and atmosphere. I’ve followed them ever since, getting that sense of anticipation at hearing that warm melancholic tone of Stuart Staples over his bandmates’ new … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Tindersticks – Hey Lucinda