NEW MUSIC: Ben Neill – Auricle


Working at the junction of ambient, avant garde jazz and electronica, Ben Neill has just reissued his 1995 album Green Machine, an album that received widespread critical acclaim on its original release on the Astralwerks label.

The music on the album is performed on his self designed, electro-acoustic Mutantrumpet, skilfully navigating a netherworld between organic and synthetic composition and playing. This track ‘Auricle’ is the perfect example of that, in the way the sounds rise and fall, blending together in harmonic hypnosis.

Neill has recorded eleven CDs of his music on labels including Universal/Verve, Thirsty Ear, Astralwerks, and Six Degrees. His electronic opera The Demo, inspired by computer pioneer Douglas Engelbart and created with composer/performer Mikel Rouse, was premiered in 2015 at Stanford University’s Bing Concert Hall. Other performances include BAM Next Wave Festival, Lincoln Center, Whitney Museum of American Art, Cite de la Musique Paris, Moogfest, Spoleto Festival, Umbria Jazz, Bang On A Can Festival, ICA London, Istanbul Jazz Festival, Vienna Jazz Festival, and the Edinburgh Festival, among many others. Neill has worked closely with many musical innovators including La Monte Young, John Cage, John Cale, Pauline Oliveros, Rhys Chatham, DJ Spooky, David Berhman, Mimi Goese, King Britt, and Nicolas Collins. Neill also leads concerts of La Monte Young’s The Second Dream with an international brass ensemble; performances have recently been presented in New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Amsterdam, Huddersfield, Oslo, Krems, Koln, and Warsaw.

REISSUE NEWS: Nocturnal Projections (2018)


Nocturnal Projections were one of the finest post-punk bands in New Zealand in the early 1980s and now Dais Records have worked with them to reissue all of their recorded work across two releases.


“Complete Studio Recordings” comprises the band’s three original highly sought-after vinyl releases on one record fully remastered.

Formed in Stratford, near New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1981, Nocturnal Projections was the explosive project of legendary and prolific brothers Graeme and Peter Jefferies (who would later form This Kind of Punishment before launching their solo careers), who along with friends Brett Jones and Gordon Rutherford, created some of the most energetic and influential avant-garde punk rock to emerge from the country.

Largely ignored during their tenure (but revered and referenced in the years after their breakup) and often compared to UK contemporaries like Joy Division, Comsat Angels, The Fall, or Wire, Nocturnal Projections stood well apart – never enjoying the luxuries of unlimited studio time, music videos or international fame, the NPs possessed a driven, rough-hewn serrated edge that cut through the lot comparisons to the UK post-punk exports of the era. They were ahead of their time, completely singular, and for those that had the benefit of seeing Nocturnal Projections play live – formative, with a dedicated cult following to this day.

As residents of New Plymouth’s Lion Tavern during their first year as a band, they perfected their soaring, impactful live set locally (often as the only band, without an opener and 3 hours to fill!) before heading off to Auckland in January of 1982, performing with bands like The Fall, John Cooper Clarke, and New Order at venues like The Mainstreet Cabaret, The Rumba Bar and Reverb Room. *The band recorded three EPs at Stebbing Studios in Auckland: The self-titled and self-released 7” single released April 1st of 1982, with the “Another Year” 12” EP following later that year. Their self-titled three song 12” was recorded in 1983, and released by the band posthumously that June, after the band called it quits.


Inmates In Images pulls the best of the best from board recordings of live sets between 1981 and 1983, including the never-before-released tracks: “Blank Faces” and “Late Night”, along with unheard versions of previously released songs – and includes Peter and Graeme’s song “Walk In A Straight Line”, written in October of 1980 and originally intended for their earlier band The Plastic Bags.

REISSUE NEWS: Flying Nun & Captured Tracks To Reissue Chris Knox & Tall Dwarfs LPs

Chris-Knox---Seziure-Cover_1024x1024Flying Nun Records in partnership with Captured Tracks have announced they’re reissuing two seminal New Zealand albums. On November 13th Chris Knox’s Seizure (with the 1st pressing artwork) and Tall Dwarfs‘ first full length album Weeville will be available on vinyl and CD.

Artist: Chris Knox
Title: Seizure
Label: Flying Nun Records
Year: 1990. Re-Issued 2015
Cat #: FN125
Formats: 12″ LP, CD + Digital


Track List:

  1. The Face of Fashion
  2. The Woman Inside Of Me
  3. Statement of Intent
  4. Filling Me
  5. Not Given Lightly
  6. Break!
  7. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  8. Wanna!!
  9. And I Will Cry
  10. Rapist
  11. Grand Mal
  12. Voyeur
  13. Honesty’s Not Enough
  14. My Dumb Luck
  15. Ache


Artist: Tall Dwarfs
Title: Weeville
Label: Flying Nun Records
Year: 1990
Cat #: FN166
Formats: 12″ LP, CD, Digital
Recorded: 1989-1990. Re-Issued 2015.
All Songs By Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate


Track List:

  1. Log
  2. What More
  3. Breath
  4. Skin of My Teeth
  5. Crawl
  6. Sign the Dotted Line
  7. Pirouette
  8. Lucky
  9. Bodies
  10. Mr. Brocoli
  11. Lie
  12. The Winner
  13. Rorschach
  14. Tip of My Tongue
  15. Ozone
  16. Hallelujah Boy

NEWS: Soundgarden to release 20th Anniversary Edition of Superunknown


Soundgarden look to have gone all out in marking 20 years since the release of their album Superunknown.They have two deluxe reissue CD sets coming out plus a 200gm vinyl pressing and a special 5×10″ vinyl set for Record Store Day this April.

10-Inch Vinyl Box Set: Due out on April 19 for Record Store Day, this set will include all five Superunknown singles and their associated B-sides with “newly interpreted artwork” by Josh Graham.
2CD Deluxe Edition: Released on June 3, this will include a remastered version of the full album and a second disc that includes 16 demos, rehearsal takes and B-sides.
2LP Vinyl Edition: Also out June 3, this will include the original 16-track album remastered on 200-gram vinyl in a 2LP set with a gatefold jacket.
5CD Super Deluxe Edition: Released on June 3 as well, this includes the original album, a disc of 16 B-sides and bonus tracks, a disc of nine previously unreleased B-sides, a disc of 14 previously unreleased rehearsal tracks and a Blu-Ray featuring a new 5.1 Surround mix of the original album.

CD1: Remastered album
1. “Let Me Drown”
2. “My Wave”
3. “Fell on Black Days”
4. “Mailman”
5. “Superunknown”
6. “Head Down”
7. “Black Hole Sun”
8. “Spoonman”
9. “Limo Wreck”
10. “The Day I Tried to Live”
11. “Kickstand”
12. “Fresh Tendrils”
13. “4th of July”
14. “Half”
15. “Like Suicide”
16. “She Likes Surprises”

CD2: Demos, Rehearsals, B-Sides & More
1. “Let Me Drown” (Demo)^
2. “Black Hole Sun” (Demo)^
3. “Half” (Demo)^
4. “Head Down” (Rehearsal)^
5. “Limo Wreck” (Rehearsal)^
6. “The Day I Tried to Live” (Rehearsal)^
7. “Like Suicide” (Acoustic)
8. “Black Days III”*
9. “Birth Ritual” (Original Demo Version)
10. “Exit Stonehenge”
11. “Kyle Petty, Son of Richard”
12. “Jerry Garcia’s Finger”
13. “Spoonman” (Alternate Steve Fisk Remix)^
14. “The Day I Tried To Live” (Scott Litt Mix)^
15. “4th of July” (Instrumental)^
16. “Superunknown” (Instrumental)^

Tracklist: Soundgarden, Superunknown: Super Deluxe Edition

CD1: Remastered album
1. “Let Me Drown”
2. “My Wave”
3. “Fell on Black Days”
4. “Mailman”
5. “Superunknown”
6. “Head Down”
7. “Black Hole Sun”
8. “Spoonman”
9. “Limo Wreck”
10. “The Day I Tried to Live”
11. “Kickstand”
12. “Fresh Tendrils”
13. “4th of July”
14. “Half”
15. “Like Suicide”
16. “She Likes Surprises”

CD 2: B-Sides & More
1. “The Day I Tried To Live” (Alternate Mix)^
2. “Spoonman” (Alternate Steve Fisk Remix)^
3. “Beyond The Wheel” (Live)
4. “Fell On Black Days” (Live)
5. “Birth Ritual” (Original Demo Version)
6. “Jesus Christ Pose” (Live)
7. “Like Suicide” (Acoustic Version)
8. “Kickstand” (Live)
9. “My Wave” (Live)
10. “Spoonman” (Steve Fisk Remix)
11. “Exit Stonehenge”
12. “Kyle Petty, Son of Richard”
13. “Black Days III”*
14. “Ghostmotorfinger”**
15. “Jerry Garcia’s Finger”
16. “Fell On Black Days” (Video Version)

CD3: The Demos (Unreleased)
1. “Let Me Drown” (Demo)
2. “Fell On Black Days” (Demo)
3. “Superunknown” (Demo)
4. “Black Hole Sun” (Demo)
5. “Spoonman” (Demo)
6. “Fresh Tendrils” (Demo)
7. “4th of July” (Demo)
8. “Half” (Demo)
9. “Like Suicide” (Demo)

CD4: The Rehearsals (Unreleased)
1. “Black Hole Sun” (Rehearsal)
2. “Bing Bing Goes To Church” (Rehearsal)
3. “Half” (Instrumental)
4. “Head Down” (Rehearsal)
5. “Kyle Petty, Son Of Richard” (Rehearsal)
6. “Let Me Drown” (Rehearsal)
7. “Limo Wreck” (Rehearsal)
8. “My Wave” (Rehearsal)
9. “Fresh Tendrils” (Rehearsal)
10. “Like Suicide” (Rehearsal)
11. “Ruff Riff-Raff” (Rehearsal)
12. “Spoonman” (Rehearsal)
13. “The Date I Tried To Leave” (Rehearsal)
14. “The Day I Tried To Live” (Rehearsal)

CD5: Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix
1. “Let Me Drown” (5.1 Mix)
2. “My Wave” (5.1 Mix)
3. “Fell On Black Days” (5.1 Mix)
4. “Mailman” (5.1 Mix)
5. “Superunknown” (5.1 Mix)
6. “Head Down” (5.1 Mix)
7. “Black Hole Sun” (5.1 Mix)
8. “Spoonman” (5.1 Mix)
9. “Limo Wreck” (5.1 Mix)
10. “The Day I Tried To Live” (5.1 Mix)
11. “Kickstand” (5.1 Mix)
12. “Fresh Tendrils” (5.1 Mix)
13. “4th Of July” (5.1 Mix)
14. “Half” (5.1 Mix)
15. “Like Suicide” (5.1 Mix)
16. “She Likes Surprises” (Int’l Vers & US 12″) (5.1 Mix)

Tracklist: Superunknown: The Singles – Five 10-Inch Vinyl Set

“Fresh Tendrils”
“Cold Bitch”
“Exit Stonehenge”

“Like Suicide” (Acoustic Version)
“Kickstand” (Live)
“Limo Wreck”

“Jesus Christ Pose” (Live)
“Beyond The Wheel” (Live)
“Fell On Black Days” (Live)

“Spoonman” (Steve Fisk Remix)
“Birth Ritual” (Original Demo Version)
“My Wave” (Live)

“Kyle Petty, Son of Richard”
“Fell On Black Days” (Video Version)
“Girl U Want”
“Black Days III”*

* Originally titled “Fell On Black Days (Demo – Early Version)”
** Originally titled “Motorcycle Loop (Short Version)”
^ Previously Unreleased

NEW RELEASE: Sunnyboys debut to be reissued


NEW RELEASE: On March 14th a Deluxe Edition CD and digital version of Sunnyboys’ debut album will be released.

The album has been remastered and includes 24 bonus tracks – the entire album sessions, including later b-sides Stop & Think, Guts Of Iron & Physical Jerk. Also included for the first time on CD and download are the live tracks Thrill and Why Do I Cry? The later a cover of legendary sixties group The Remains and both previously only available on the cassingle release (an Australian first) of the Happy Man single. Also included is the 17 song demo session recorded at Studios 301 in January 1981.


March 14th: Byron Bay, The Northern + The V-Rays.
Tickets $55.00 + bf on sale from, phone 6685 6454 or in person at all Oztix outlets.

March 15th: Byron Bay, The Northern + The Windy Hills. 

March 21st: Melbourne, The Forum + Ron S.Peno & The Superstitions. *SOLD OUT*

March 22nd: Melbourne, The Forum special guests Huxton Creepers
Tickets $70.95 (inc service fee, credit card fees may apply) from, phone 1300 111 011 or in person at all Ticketmaster outlets.

March 23rd: Adelaide, The Gov. special guests The Frowning Clouds
Tickets $60.00 + bf from, phone 8340 0744 or in person at all Oztix outlets

March 28th: Brisbane, The Tivoli + special guests The Stems. *SOLD OUT*

March 29th: Sydney, Enmore Theatre + special guests The Stems plus The Frowning Clouds & Dig It Up! dj’s. *SOLD OUT*

NEWS: Slint to release remastered Spiderland box set


Slint were a band whose influence far outweighed their popularity. Their type of post-punk infused post-rock spawned many an imitator over the ensuing decades and now their most important album Spiderland is getting the reissue treatment.

The Spiderland (Remastered) Box Set will be released April 15th and includes:

Slint’s 1991 album, Spiderland, remastered from the original analog master tapes by Bob Weston and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

Fourteen previously unreleased outtakes & demos personally selected by Slint, mastered by Bob Weston, and pressed on two 180 gram vinyl albums.

A 104 page book with over 100 never-before-seen photos documenting Slint’s entire history, as well as lyrics to the songs on Spiderland, and a foreword by Will Oldham

CDs of all the music: remastered Spiderland on one CD and the 14 bonus songs on a second CD

Breadcrumb Trail, a brand new, never-before-seen, 90 minute DVD documentary about Slint and the making of Spiderland; directed by documentarian Lance Bangs. Includes extensive interviews with the members of Slint, as well as interviews with Steve Albini, James Murphy, David Yow, Ian Mackaye, and Matt Sweeney.

Hand numbered limited edition of 3,138 copies worldwide

All packaging printed in the USA at Stoughton, including heavyweight, “tip-on” gatefold LP jackets

All three albums pressed at RTI in the USA on 180 gram vinyl

Packaging concept and design by Louisville native Jeremy deVine (of Temporary Residence fame)

Preorder now from Touch and Go Records


NEWS: Universal announce ‘In Utero’ 20th Anniversary Reissue


For many In Utero is their favourite Nirvana LP where the band carved out their most unique collection of songs and felt like they were developing into something truly special outside the hype and platitudes of press and mass appeal. Indeed their reaction to that and everything else that was happening in Cobain’s world ran deeply through the record.

Universal Music Enterprises will commemorate the 20th anniversary of n Utero with a multi-format release that spreads more than 70 remastered, remixed, rare, unreleased and live recordings over configurations ranging from a 3-CD/1-DVD Super Deluxe Edition to a standard digital/CD remaster of the original album. Material exclusive to the various versions of the In Utero 20th Anniversary reissue will include a veritable treasure trove of never-before-heard demos, B-sides, compilation tracks, and live material featuring the final touring lineup of Cobain, Novoselic, Grohl, and Pat Smear…including the long-awaited release of the complete “Live and Loud” show from Seattle’s Pier 48 on December 13, 1993. Additionally, a standalone single-disc DVD of the complete “Live And Loud” show along with several never-before-released bonus performances will also be released on September 24.

NEWS: The Rolling Stones to release new best of, docs and reissues

Things are definitely starting to ramp up in The Rolling Stones camp with a number of recent reissues announced as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.

Already we’ve seen the announcement of a new retrospective documentary Crossfire Hurricane that will have a limited theatrtical release and screenings on HBO in the US and BBC in the UK as well as the release of Charlie Is My Darling – Ireland 1965, the first documentary that was made on the band in their early days. The film was produced by Andrew Loog Oldham and will be out on DVD and Blu-ray on Nov 6th.

Last year The Rolling Stones released the live album The Brussels Affair digitally and now they are reissuing that in a range of physical vinyl packages centred around  180 gram LP plus extras. Some Girls: Live in Texas ’78 was also released last year in a number of formats and that too is now being issued on 2 x 180 gram vinyl plus CD and DVD versions of the performance.

Those releases are aimed at the hardcore Stones fan so it is pleasing to see that they have now also revealed the artwork and formats for a new best of to be released by Universal Music Group and ABKCO on November 12th. GRRR! will be even more comprehensive than 40 Licks and will span their entire career, including two new tracks recently recorded in France – Gloom and Doom and One Last Shot.

GRRR! formats

  • Standard 3 CD Edition – 50 tracks in a digipak plus 24 page booklet
  • Deluxe 3 CD Edition – 50 tracks in a DVD styled package plus 36 page hardcover book and five collectible postcards
  • Super Deluxe Box Set (5 CD and Vinyl) – 80 tracks on 4 CDs plus one bonus CD, 7″ vinyl, hardcover book, five collectible postcards and a poster
  • Vinyl Box Set – 50 tracks on five 12″ vinyl LPs