SONIC KICKS: The Electorate

Sydney trio The Electorate release their debut album You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost tomorrow, via Templebear Records/MGM. It may be their debut album but the band members have a rich lineage through a raft of Australian bands including Big Heavy Stuff, Knievel, The Apartments, The Templebears, Imperial Broads, Atticus and more. The Electorate is: Eliot Fish (Bass/Vox), Josh Morris (Guitar/Vox), Nick Kennedy (Drums/Vox) Guitarist Josh … Continue reading SONIC KICKS: The Electorate


CABLE TIES, LONG JAMS AND LOUD AMPS Between festival appearances and European tours, Cable Ties’ Jenny McKechnie chats with Chris Familton about their new album Far Enough and explains the band’s 30-minute riff test. Picture three figures, closely grouped between numerous amps and drums, hunched over their instruments in the middle of a large warehouse as heavy guitars at full volume fill the voluminous space … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Cable Ties

SONIC KICKS: Wahoo Ghost

Sydney trio Wahoo Ghost have just released their debut album The Eighth Door and the brand new single ‘She Wolf’ (check out the video below). The album is high on atmospheric psychedelia that swirls around the dark poetry of Charli Rainford. Space and texture is paramount, whether it’s raw and bluesy or grainy and dream-laden. The Eighth Door is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and CD … Continue reading SONIC KICKS: Wahoo Ghost

SONIC KICKS: Darren Cross

Defiantly independent and creatively driven, Darren Cross is always seeking new ways to translate his ideas and influences into music. Whether it was in the heady days of indie/electro guitar punks Gerling, as a DJ and electronic music producer, as one half of folk noir duo Jep and Dep (with Jessica Cassar) or as a solo artist. Under his own name he’s released two solo … Continue reading SONIC KICKS: Darren Cross


WINKING AT POP MUSIC Matt Corby has come a long way from his solo folk beginnings. Here he takes us into the creative process behind his colourful new  second album, Rainbow Valley. by Chris Familton The album title suggests some kind of idealised nature-based community where everything exists in harmony and for Corby and his family, that’s why they’ve settled in the area of the … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Matt Corby

INTERVIEW: Cash Savage & The Last Drinks

LOVE, POLITICS AND LAST DRINKS On an autumnal morning in Prague during her European tour, Cash Savage discusses the songwriting shift on her new album Good Citizens and talks with Chris Familton about the importance of her band The Last Drinks. The lead-up to the release of a new album can be a tricky period for an artist to negotiate. Some take it in their … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Cash Savage & The Last Drinks


Peabody are now five albums deep in a career that has seen them become a stalwart of the Sydney indie rock scene over the last 24 years. Their latest, A Redder Shade Of Rust (produced by Jamie Hutchings) finds them in fine form yet again. It’s heady, poetic and a really great balance of melody, rhythm, momentum and knotty guitars. It’s dark and churning one minute, … Continue reading SONIC KICKS: Peabody

INTERVIEW: Adrianne Lenker

THE OVERWHELMING SENSATION OF BEING ALIVE Three years on the road with her band Big Thief has been a life changing experience for Adrianne Lenker and as she explains to Chris Familton, she wanted to document and archive her thoughts and emotions through that period on her new solo album abyskiss. I made my first solo record when I was 21 and I was so … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Adrianne Lenker


WHEN MUSIC & ELECTRICITY COLLIDE The last decade has seen a rise in the popularity of modern classical music and its influence on other genres, particularly electronic music. One of the leading lights in the scene is German composer Nils Frahm and in a revealing conversation with Chris Familton he discusses his musical beginnings, his future and the constant flux of his live shows. It’s … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Nils Frahm


TALKING WE’RE NOT TALKING Brisbane trio The Goon Sax return with their second album and as Louis Forster and Riley Jones explain to Chris Familton, the desire to document their thoughts and experiences through an open musical relationship remains the driving ethos of the band.  They were still teenagers negotiating the twin worlds of school life and being in a band when they released their … Continue reading INTERVIEW: The Goon Sax

INTERVIEW: Lee Ranaldo (2012)

The common impression of Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo is one of a polymorphic artist with ideas constantly tumbling out as spoken word, art and of course music. His collaborative projects are numerous, as are the publications of his poetry and one senses he is totally consumed by the creative process. With this in mind as we chatted over the phone from his New York home … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Lee Ranaldo (2012)


THE HAZARDOUS TERRAIN OF LOVE It’s been four years between albums for Melbourne’s Harmony, with members focusing on other projects and babies entering the frame. As Tom Lyngcoln explains to Chris Familton, this time around there were changes in both the recorded sound of Double Negative and the way he approached the writing of its songs. “Alex [Lyngcoln, drummer] and I had a baby daughter … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Harmony