NEW MUSIC: Suzie Stapleton – You Were There

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Suzie Stapleton has been based in London for the last two years, playing shows, recording and collaborating with like-minded artists. Now we get to hear the fruits of her labour with the exquisite new single ‘You Were There’, a slow, swaying, atmospheric wander of a song. There’s dark intent at play, a sense of past events just outside the perimeter of one’s memory. The rhythm section anchors the song perfectly, an ominous slow march with sombre, heavy bass, snare cracks and ringing cymbals as Stapleton intones her lyrics in restrained gothic blues style.

The song was recorded with Gavin Jay (Jim Jones Revue/The Righteous Mind) on bass, Ian White (Gallon Drunk) on drums, and engineer Drew Smith (PJ Harvey/Ed Harcourt) at the wheel.

Head over to for a free download of the song.

NEWS: Mogwai announce new LP Rave Tapes and release first track

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News of a new Mogwai album is always reason to celebrate around these parts and so we were stoked to awake to read that their new LP Rave Tapes is set for release on 20 January 2014 via Spunk Records (Australia and New Zealand), Rock Action (UK and Europe) and Sub Pop (North America). The other good news is that producer Paul Savage (Mogwai Young Team and Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will) has returned to work with the Scottish quintet.

Here’s the first track to be released, Remurdered – stream it below or download it for free HERE

The album will be available on CD, LP, Digital and Ltd edition box set (featuring the LP itself, an exclusive 12″, a book of studio photography by iconic photographer Steve Gullick shot during the recording sessions, 3 x 12″ x 12″ art prints, a 7″ and a CD version of the album).


1. Heard About You Last night

2. Simon Ferocious

3. Remurdered

4. Hexon Bogon

5. Repelish

6. Master Card

7. Deesh

8. Blues Hour

9. No Medicine For Regret

10. The Lord Is Out Of Control


NEWS: Straight Arrows release new single and tour dates


Straight Arrows‘ debut LP was well received across the country and internationally so it’s great to see the follow up is due for release in March next year via Rice is Nice in AU and Agitated in the UK/EU. Until then we’ve got a brand new single Make Up Your Mind to keep us happy (stream/download below) plus a run of live dates where no doubt more of the album will be previewed.

Thursday Oct 24 – The Great Northern, Byron Bay
Friday Oct 25 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Saturday Oct 26 – The Zoo, Brisbane – SOLD OUT
Sunday Oct 27 – The Zoo, Brisbane
Thursday Oct 31 – Mojo’s, Fremantle
Friday Nov 1 – Amplifier, Perth
Saturday Nov 2 – Uni Bar, Adelaide
Monday Nov 4 – The Corner, Melbourne


NEWS: Kirin J Callinan announces solo LP


Sydney’s Kirin J Callinan has announced that his solo LP Embracism will be released on June 28th via Siberia Records / Terrible Records in partnership with XL Recordings. The album was produced by Kim Moyes of The Presets and mixed in the home studio of Christ Taylor (CANT, Grizzly Bear) who runs the Terrible Records label. It also features a rhythm section of Jack Ladder and Daniel Stricker from Midnight Juggernauts.

Check out the second single and title track which follows Way To War and its award winning and disconcerting video. Download the song Embracism HERE.

NEWS: New musical delights from the Popfrenzy label


Sydney independent label Popfrenzy have announced a trifecta of exciting releases in the last week. Songs have a video for their new song Alone When I’m With You from the forthcoming (early 2013) album Malabar. The song can be purchased HERE for a measly 99c.


Next up is the first single on the label from Sydney band Day Ravies. Double Act follows up their excellent self-released EP from earlier this year and is available as a free download from their Bandcamp page.


Thirdly the brilliantly named Camperdown & Out have been announced as another Popfrenzy signing and they too will have a full length album out early in 2013. The band features Nathan Roche (Marf Loth), Alex Kiers (Raw Prawn), David Akerman (Dead Farmers) and Chris Shortt (Royal Headache). Down & Out is also available from Bandcamp.

NEW MUSIC: Bad//Dreems release new song Tomorrow Mountain

I’ve dug everything I’ve heard from Bad//Dreems (SA) so far, especially the brilliant Chills and now they’ve released a new track, Tomorrow Mountain as a stream and/or ‘name your price’ (including free) download on their Bandcamp page. It sees them heading into a darker, atmospheric place that feels more spacious but at the same time the lyrics and cavernous, slashing guitar sound conjures up feelings of dread and claustrophobia. Bad//Dreems can do no wrong at the moment and I highly recommend that you check them out on their upcoming tour.


Brisbane – Thursday, Oct 18th @ Oh Hello w/- Step-Panther

Gold Coast – Friday, Oct 19th @ Elsewhere w/- Step-Panther

Sydney – Fri, Oct 26th @ Purple Sneakers (Brighton Up Bar)

Wollongong – Sat, Oct 27th @ Yours And Owls w/- Step-Panther

Adelaide – Sat, Nov 10th @ Jive w/- Hungry Kids of Hungary

Adelaide – Fri, Nov 10th @ Fowler’s Live w/- Bleeding Knees Club

EP REVIEW: Sweater | Sweater

by Chris Familton

Dissonance and controlled aggression have always been hallmarks of rock n roll, it is just the context that has changed as the pop culture landscape has evolved. Over time the emergence of sub genres and sub sub genres has been an important factor in the continued relevance and progression of rock music. Post rock, noise rock, math rock, post punk – call it what you will but it has proven to have a long shelf life by virtue of its mutation and in New Zealand it has produced some seminal records from acts like Gordons, HDU, Die! Die! Die, Jakob and many more. The unassumingly named Sweater from Palmerston North are a new band who operate in the same realms as those mentioned and with their debut self-titled EP they show enormous potential as yet another jagged cog in the local music scene.

Across the EP’s seven tracks there is an unrelenting mood of claustrophobia and dread that manifests itself in clanging guitar chords, barked vocals and a rhythm section that knows the importance of their role in anchoring the music with precision and creativity. Cake is a particular highlight on the EP with its dark dancefloor-friendly beat providing the hook to the song in the same way that Gang of Four used the drum kit in the late 70s.

Though the band cite Die! Die! Die!, My Disco and Slint as influences there is also a clear line that can be drawn back to other New Zealand bands like Second Child and Love’s Ugly Children who, like Sweater, found a way to brilliantly combine noise and melody. In Sweater’s case most of those melodies come from the guitars rather than the vocals which are used judiciously and only when the  songs require another angle or layer. That attention to composition and structure is one of the reasons Sweater are so successful with the songs on the EP. They haven’t crammed all their ideas into every song, each one has space and dimension to it even though most are under the three minute mark.

As an introduction to a band’s music Sweater is an impressive debut in a genre that is often accused of po-faced earnestness. There is a controlled energy, maturity and vitality that makes you want to see them live and curious as to how future releases will sound. That is the key to a debut release and Sweater have nailed it.

Sweater is out now and available as a free download on Bandcamp

this review was first published on Under The Radar


LISTEN: The Pet Rocks pay tribute to Robert Hughes


Sad news today about the passing of art critic Robert Hughes who had written countless critiques for Time over the last thirty years as well as penning important works on Australian history and his great love of fishing. The Australian born writer was part of the Push, the group of Sydney academic rebels of the 1950 and 60s that also included Germaine Greer, Clive James.

To mark the loss of an important figure of the art world, Melbourne based band The Pet Rocks have given DS an exclusive stream of a track from their forthcoming new album that was recorded earlier this year at Roundhead Studios in New Zealand. The record will be the much awaited follow-up to 2008’s Wayward Ways.

LISTEN: The Pet Rocks | Fatal Shore