LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Regular John’s new single ‘Slume’

I caught Regular John at Sydney’s Annandale Hotel recently and they were damn impressive. It was the first time I’d seen them with their new guitarist Miles Devine and a much more pronounced role for Ryan Adamson who sings and plays guitar and synths and they definitely kicked up one hell of an epic psych rock noise. They have a new album Strange Flowers coming out on Sept 14th but first here is their new single Slume for your streaming and downloading pleasure…

5 thoughts on “LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Regular John’s new single ‘Slume’

  1. this band will not be the same without Brock Tengstrom.

    lets hope the rest of the album isn’t like this

    1. You are totally correct that this band won’t be the same without that other guy. They are totally better

  2. wow so Ive never heard these guys.That track is amazing.I really dig the chaos and the big siound production.
    I gotta hear some more of them

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