NEW MUSIC: Kidsmoke – The Bluest You

North Wales’ Kidsmoke released their single ‘The Bluest You’ back in April and it’s a wonderfully bright and sparkling slice of indie guitar pop that billows and cascades on the back of a pliable rhythm section and guitars that aren’t afraid to hit the effect pedals and soar above the clouds. “This song is a live favourite of ours. It is a fly on the … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Kidsmoke – The Bluest You

NEW MUSIC: Blue Canopy – St. Albans

Here’s a really nice slice of 60s-tinged, indie guitar pop from Portland-based artist Alex Schiff who records under the name Blue Canopy. The vocal layering in particular grabbed our attention with their tripped-out Beach Boys vibe. ‘St. Albans‘ comes from his debut EP Mild Anxiety which is out now. “St. Albans is about an old friend who I lost touch with, but consistently visits me … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Blue Canopy – St. Albans

NEW MUSIC: Prudence – Heart Sways

Last year we shared Prudence’s track ‘Smile & Nod’ and now the Sydney artist has released his first 2020 single in ‘Heart Sways’. It’s got a wonderfully immersive, dream-like quality with gently propulsive bass and climbing guitars. Think Ariel Pink in a hazy dream sequence with an 80s dream-pop/post-punk band. It’s that delightful blend of simple pop and arthouse sophistication – blurred and stirred. Prudence … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Prudence – Heart Sways

NEW MUSIC: Novelty Island – The End Of The Whirl

Here’s some lush and immersive psychedelia courtesy of London-based musician Tom McConnell who records as Novelty Island. Recorded at the Abbey Road Institute’s studio, ‘The End Of The Whirl’ is an infectious cosmic trip that draws on the pop heavy explorations of The Beatles and more obscure English psych acts. The winning ticket is in the way he blends the hooks with a glam stomp … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Novelty Island – The End Of The Whirl

NEW MUSIC: One Sentence. Supervisor – Acedia

For fans of Fujiya & Miyagi, Neu!, Hot Chip Here’s a crazy, wild yet totally controlled Krautpop sound from Swiss band One Sentence. Supervisor. ‘Acedia’ is a metronomic delight, galloping along and fizzing with handclaps, a vocal sound reminiscent of The Charlatans, guitar that explodes and surges skyward and the unique blend of virtuoso oud player Bahur Ghazi. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: One Sentence. Supervisor – Acedia

NEW MUSIC: Shiva & The Hazards – Angkor Wat

Recommended if you like The Verve, The Charlatans and Deep Sea Arcade. Melbourne/London four piece Shiva & The Hazards will be supporting RIDE on their East Coast Australian tour next month and on the sound of this single they’ll be a great sound to complement the headliners. They’ve got an assured UK indie rock sound – doused in the kind of dreamy psychedelia that bands … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Shiva & The Hazards – Angkor Wat

NEW MUSIC: TOVE – Gin & Lemonade

This track from TOVE caught our ear recently with it’s sweet, warm and mellifluous feel. There’s a breakbeat anchoring it, some lush shoegaze guitar, atmospheric sliding guitar moans and across it all is the beautiful voice of Sweden’s Tove Tejlar with her hypnotic, circling melodies. Lovely stuff. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: TOVE – Gin & Lemonade

NEW MUSIC: Slark Moan – Honesty

Almost a Beach Boys sound at the start of this new track from Slark Moan. From there it opens up into cascading piano notes before settling on a rubbery bass groove and classic baroque and power pop shapes. Vocal harmonies soar skyward while Ringo-style drums keep the song in check, while also adding some nice rhythmic colour behind the vocal, inhabited by the wandering ghost … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Slark Moan – Honesty

NEW MUSIC: Blain Cunneen – Feelin’ Kinda Fragile

Here’s the debut single from Sydney singer-songwriter (and guitarist for Julia Jacklin), Blain Cunneen. ‘Feelin’ Kinda Fragile’ comes from his four track EP The Prizes We Demand which is due out later this year and finds him crafting a fine line in art-pop that reminds us of Beck, Sparklehorse and dEUS . The song’s melodic hooks are draped over some wonderful angular and interwoven instrumentation, where … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Blain Cunneen – Feelin’ Kinda Fragile

EP REVIEW: Body Type – EP2

Body Type EP2 Inertia Music / Partisan The Sydney quartet are releasing this, their second EP, on the eve of a UK tour, another sign of the band’s rising star status on the international stage. Of course, they’ve been the local talk of the town for a couple of years, building a solid following via their own shows and some fine support slots.  If EP … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Body Type – EP2

NEW MUSIC: Wine Flies – Business

Some wonderfully weird-pop here courtesy of Wine Flies, the solo project of Swedish musician Henrik Lennartsson. It hits that same spaced-out, fever dream vibe of John Maus and Ariel Pink with a warped, lo-fi production aesthetic that accentuates the haunted feel of the music. “Business was the result of me, merely improvising keys over a beat. I never know what I’m gonna get, since I … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Wine Flies – Business

NEW MUSIC: Kidsmoke – Passenger

Welsh quartet Kidsmoke may have taken their name from a Wilco song (maybe?) but other than a lazy affable strum and an affinity for melody, these four from across the Atlantic make music that is much sunnier, breezier and indie-pop centric. There’s a refreshing simplicity and economy to their songwriting as hooky guitar lines ring out across jangly chords and vocals that bind it all … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Kidsmoke – Passenger