NEW MUSIC: Kidsmoke – Passenger

Welsh quartet Kidsmoke may have taken their name from a Wilco song (maybe?) but other than a lazy affable strum and an affinity for melody, these four from across the Atlantic make music that is much sunnier, breezier and indie-pop centric. There’s a refreshing simplicity and economy to their songwriting as hooky guitar lines ring out across jangly chords and vocals that bind it all … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Kidsmoke – Passenger

NEW MUSIC: Wy – Softie

Malmö, Sweden duo (Ebba and Michel) Wy are set to released their second LP Softie, at the end of April and this is the title track, a swelling swoon of a song that takes in pop angst, dream-pop swirl and an indie aesthetic. At various times it reminds us of Siouxsie Sioux and Anna Calvi singing the music of Cocteau Twins. It’s emotional and passionate … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Wy – Softie

NEW MUSIC: Kerchief – Til The End

A sultry slice of indie pop/rock this afternoon from American trio Kerchief. They’ve just released their debut album Fluke and ‘Til The End’ is a great example of the way they subtly approach shimmering and sparkling guitars, softly unfurling melodies and a danceable element that gets under the skin. We’re hearing Jen Cloher and Placebo as possible influences on their sound. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Kerchief – Til The End

NEW MUSIC: Pastis – Circles / Ballad Of Franz Reichelt

  New music today from the debut album by Finnish quintet Pastis. They’ve got a big sound, not afraid to paint outside the lines with big ringing indie guitars, tumbling drums and a slackerish yet rousing swing in their vocal melodies. Their songs are catchy, bustling and possess a full-hearted delivery.   Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Pastis – Circles / Ballad Of Franz Reichelt

NEW MUSIC: These New Puritans – Inside The Rose

UK group These New Puritans return with ‘Inside The Rose’, the second single (and NSFW video) from their forthcoming new LP of the same name, due out March 22nd. It’s their first album in six years and saw the band record in Berlin, London and Southend-on-Sea, before mixing it in Los Angeles. The group have reverted to the original duo of brothers Jack and George … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: These New Puritans – Inside The Rose

NEW MUSIC: Fur – Him & Her

Here’s a soaring, brisk slice of indie guitar pop courtesy of UK band FUR. ‘Him & Her’ channels The Beatles, The Kinks and The Las with a light psych touch and without ever getting too coy or knowing in their references. Infectious stuff. Their self-titled EP will be released on February 14th via Nice Swan Records.   Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Fur – Him & Her

NEW MUSIC: Marble Arch – I’m On My Way

More new shoegaze sounds today! This time it’s courtesy of Frenchman Yann Le Razavet who, as Marble Arch, records music that draws heavily on the likes of New Order and Ride. He makes it sound effortless with cascading melodies, obscured vocals and synths and guitars that blur into one billowing vapour of 80s indie pop. Marble Arch have a full album on the way in … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Marble Arch – I’m On My Way

NEW MUSIC: Interbellum – Ready To Dissolve

This is most likely the first music we’ve featured from Lebanon and it’s a wonderful slice of downbeat indie guitar pop courtesy of the group Interbellum. ‘Ready To Dissolve’ comes from the recently released album Dead Pets, Old Griefs and is primarily the work of songwriter Karl Mattar (aka Charlie Rayne) as well as multi-instrumentalist and producer Fadi Tabbal and other musicians from the Beirut music … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Interbellum – Ready To Dissolve


SHON is a Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist who released an EP called Made As It Drifted, earlier in 2018. ‘A Crack In It’ is one of those textured and layered tracks that recalls the inventiveness of Radiohead and the willingness to place real instruments in digital environments. SHON uses an art-rock and post-rock  palette of sound and it works wonderfully on both sonic and songwriting levels. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: SHON – A Crack In It

NEW MUSIC: Luxury Mane – Domestic Bliss

Here’s the title track from Luxury Mane‘s album that is due for release on December 12th. The Florida quartet deal in kaleidoscopic indie rock, complete with cascading melodies and colourful psych pop arrangements. Their song ‘Sitting Still’ first caught our attention and this one seals the deal. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Luxury Mane – Domestic Bliss

ALBUM REVIEW: Deep Sea Arcade – Blacklight

It’s been six years since Nic McKenzie and Nick Weaver released their debut album Outlands. On the back of a run of singles they’d built a strong sense of anticipation about that first record and it certainly lived up to expectations. Fast forward to 2018 and how does a band evolve and change over that time? The DSA model is to essentially stick to the … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Deep Sea Arcade – Blacklight