NEWS: Thee Oh Sees Announce Australian Tour


Thee Oh Sees have announced they’ll be returning to Australia in January for a run of shows on the back of their latest album Mutilator Defeated At Last along with a brand new lineup consisting of John Dwyer (vocals, guitar), Timothy Hellman (bass) and double drummers, Ryan Moutinho and Dan Rincon.

They’re also releasing a new limited edition deluxe vinyl pressing of Mutilator Defeated At Last on November 20th. You can pre-order the release HERE



GIVEAWAY: Win a copy of Neko Case’s new album on vinyl


Neko Case recently released her new LP The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You and it finds her in fine form, possibly her best. The kind folks over at Warner Music and ANTI- have given us a copy of the album on vinyl (including a CD copy) to giveaway to one lucky DS reader.

The album hits a wonderful intersection of twang, indie and quirky pop populated by honest, literate and often funny wordplay. It feels like her most accomplished work and is one of those records that reveals multiple layers with each listen.

Hit our Facebook Page, make sure you Like us and send us a message with the hashtag #nekocasevinyl. We’ll draw a winner at random this time next week (Wednesday, Oct 30th) and post out the record. Open to Australian residents only.


NEWS: The ‘At First Sight’ record fair and festival is fast approaching….


On Saturday July 20th Carriageworks in Sydney will host At First Sight which is being billed as a ‘vinyl romance’ style festival with 11 bands and more than 10 DJs soundtracking the day while you peruse the record bins of record stores, labels and private sellers. This is a killer line-upof bands that you are unlikely to see all on the same festival stage. Great music, great concept – embrace it.


HTRK, along with Twerps, The Laurels, Beaches, Super Wild Horses, Straight Arrows, Songs, Holy Balm, Day Ravies, Client Liaison, and Shining Bird


Yo Grito, Jimmy Sing, Count Doyle, Noise In My Head, Marcus King, Smokie La Beef, Basslines, Nic Warnock, Flash Back, Beat Club.


DATES:                                 SATURDAY 20 JULY, 2013

TICKETS:                              $35

TIMES:                                 RECORD FAIR 10AM- 6PM, FREE


WHERE:                               CARRIAGEWORKS, 245 WILSON ST, REDFERN


A Song From Every Album In My Vinyl Collection


One of the joys of visiting someone who has a record collection is flicking through the sleeves, finding gems and long forgotten memories and getting a snapshot of that person through the music they’ve collected either over their lifetime or during a specific time in their life. I’ve been collecting vinyl since I first bought Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell in 1983 and for the most part (aside from brief infatuations with cassettes and CDs) I’ve been buying ever since. I don’t have a huge collection by any means, probably 600-700 or so LPs, EPs and singles but they all have memories attached and represent a time and place, both physically and in my musical journey of discovery.

In this day and age of the constant deluge of new music, You Tube live clips etc I thought it might be a fun and totally self-indulgent project to start posting a song from each of the albums I have in my vinyl collection. Alphabetically makes sense as that is how I store them. There will be the usual landmarks records from Velvet Underground, The Smiths, The Stooges, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, The Beatles and others but this will also throw up a ton of guilty pleasures and dalliances with short-lived genres that haven’t passed the test of time.

I’ll be progressively be posting them all over on our Facebook Page so follow us over there and smile, laugh, remember, cringe and leave comments. Bel0w are a couple of tracks from albums that we’ve already posted.


NEWS: Flying Nun & Real Groovy Records release new Toy Love compilation LP


Before Flying Nun, before any ‘Dunedin Sound’, there was Toy Love.

Now more than 30 years later, the five-piece (Chris Knox, Alec Bathgate, Paul Kean, Jane Walker and Mike Dooley) are set to receive both the New Zealand Herald Legacy Award at this year’s New Zealand Music Awards and an induction into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame.

To celebrate, Flying Nun and Real Groovy Records have teamed up to for the release of the Toy Love double LP on November 3.

The 28-track compilation collects all the A & B sides of the three Toy Love singles, plus the best demos from 1979, a live track and even a radio jingle. All mastered for vinyl, straight from the original analogue tapes, no nasty CDs nor digital sources were used at all.

All housed in a gatefold sleeve featuring original art work and a 24 page booklet to accompany the release.

Pre-order a copy of the Toy Love double LP through the Flying Nun website here.


LP 1 – Side 1:
1. Squeeze
2. Rebel
3. Don’t Ask Me
4. Sheep
5. Bride Of Frankenstein
6. Amputee Song
7. Good Old Joe

LP 1 – Side 2:
1. Squeeze
2. Sheep
3. I Don’t Mind
4. Swimming Pool
5. Death Rehearsal
6. Unscrewed Up
7. Toy Love Song

LP 2 – Side 1:
1. Photographs Of Naked Ladies
2. Lust
3. I’m Not Bored
4. 1978
5. 15
6. The Crunch Cold Meat

LP 2 – Side 2:
1. Wanna Die With You
2. Don’t Catch Fire
3. Green Walls
4. Pull Down The Shades
5. Frogs
6. Fast Ostrich
7. Radio Jingle
8. Second to Last Song Toy Love Wrote (with ad lib lyrics)

NEW MUSIC: I Dream In Transit | Absolute Peace 7″

Melbourne duo I Dream In Transit have recently released the wonderful new single Absolute Peace backed with the equally great Night Dog. They’ve pressed it as a 7″ too so for those of you who covet the black circle you can grab a limited edition pressing if you are quick. Head over to their Bandcamp page to order now and/or stream and buy a digital copy.

Absolute Peace is a slow-paced wander through a world inhabited by ghostly keyboards and haunting vocals. The song is reminiscent of Nico filtered through a dubbed out effects unit. There is tension present but not of the kind that needs to be released as the song creaks and shimmers in some kind of sonic suspended animation. Night Dog is intimate and immersive, pulling you into its scratchy soundscape. Recorded a few years ago it brings to mind an even sparser and more organic take on The xx with a dark noir patina coating everything – from the reverb dripping drums to delicately placed delayed guitar and vocals that sound like ghostly radio despatches from another time.

NEWS: Classic Talk Talk/Mark Hollis albums reissued on vinyl…

Mark Hollis and Talk Talk underwent a fascinating transformation from the synth pop of It’s A Shame and Dum Dum Girl to their exploratory and sparse sound on albums like Laughing Stock and Spirit Of Eden. Now labe Ba Da Bing are reissuing Laughing Stock and Mark Hollis’ subsequent solo record.

Here is what Boomkat have to say about Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock:

One of the most influential albums of the last 20 years available on vinyl for the first time in a generation* It’s impossible to overstate the love felt by so many for the two “experimental” Talk Talk albums – ‘Spirit of Eden’ and ‘Laughing Stock’. Basically, following the commercial triumph of their singles “It’s My Life”, “Life’s What You Make It” and album “The Colour of Spring” Talk Talk retreated back into the shadows and produced two albums that defied categorisation. Recorded in near-mythical conditions, Mark Hollis is said to have demanded the band work in almost complete darkness, improvising for hours to produce complex, multi-layered and ultimately completely groundbreaking material. “Laughing Stock” was to be their last album – but its legacy seems to grow in stature with every year that goes by. You can easily see the stylistic and conceptual markers left by Talk Talk in the way that bands like Radiohead went on to explore more open-ended and diverse sound sources and stylistic shifts – as if it were the most normal thing in the world for a band with considerable chart success to do. “Laughing Stock” is a quiet, contemplative album – and it hasn’t aged a day since it’s release over 20 years ago. If you own it – we’ll be preaching to the converted. If you don’t – we envy you for being able to hear it for the first time. In short – it’s just completely unmissable.