A Song From Every Album In My Vinyl Collection


One of the joys of visiting someone who has a record collection is flicking through the sleeves, finding gems and long forgotten memories and getting a snapshot of that person through the music they’ve collected either over their lifetime or during a specific time in their life. I’ve been collecting vinyl since I first bought Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell in 1983 and for the most part (aside from brief infatuations with cassettes and CDs) I’ve been buying ever since. I don’t have a huge collection by any means, probably 600-700 or so LPs, EPs and singles but they all have memories attached and represent a time and place, both physically and in my musical journey of discovery.

In this day and age of the constant deluge of new music, You Tube live clips etc I thought it might be a fun and totally self-indulgent project to start posting a song from each of the albums I have in my vinyl collection. Alphabetically makes sense as that is how I store them. There will be the usual landmarks records from Velvet Underground, The Smiths, The Stooges, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, The Beatles and others but this will also throw up a ton of guilty pleasures and dalliances with short-lived genres that haven’t passed the test of time.

I’ll be progressively be posting them all over on our Facebook Page so follow us over there and smile, laugh, remember, cringe and leave comments. Bel0w are a couple of tracks from albums that we’ve already posted.



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