VIDEO PREMIERE: Wade Jackson – Sensationalized

Ahead of his vinyl and single launch this Friday at HiWay Bikini Bar in Enmore, NSW, Wade Jackson is releasing the new Jonathan Sequeira-directed video clip for his single ‘Sensationalized‘, featuring the artist wandering and searching through desolate, yet beautiful mountainous Australian terrain.

The title track to his most recent album, the song sees Wade takes an extended seven minute sojourn on the dancefloor, with electrically charged notes flickering over warm chords and futuristic, endlessly fascinating drum programming, like David Sylvian and Arthur Russell backed by Underworld. As the song progresses it becomes more claustrophobic and intense, a chugging electric guitar adding a Sisters Of Mercy gothic rock drama.

Above it all, Wade’s voice is the human connection, the man among the machines. His richly detailed singing conveys drama and emotion with the poise and strength of great singers such as Bowie, Scott Walker and Peter Murphy. 

As Wade explains, social media and the COVID pandemic were the subject and canvas for ‘Sensationalized’. “As I approached this track, like all tracks I write these days, I do my best to get out of the way and not be too conscious. I try to be extremely present and open minded yet forthright. The idea of a social media “star’s” ego and pedestal being demolished by the lockdown/pandemic was my target, how they’re falling away into obscurity but keep telling themselves they are still super relevant,”  says Wade. “It was right at the beginning of the pandemic and nobody knew of what was to come and where we’d end up as a society. I created a fantasy city that was falling into dystopia while social media slaves were in complete denial. Dark times hahaha.” he laughs.

The album Sensationalized is out now via Broken Stone Records/Remote Control Records.


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