NEW MUSIC: I Dream In Transit | Absolute Peace 7″

Melbourne duo I Dream In Transit have recently released the wonderful new single Absolute Peace backed with the equally great Night Dog. They’ve pressed it as a 7″ too so for those of you who covet the black circle you can grab a limited edition pressing if you are quick. Head over to their Bandcamp page to order now and/or stream and buy a digital copy.

Absolute Peace is a slow-paced wander through a world inhabited by ghostly keyboards and haunting vocals. The song is reminiscent of Nico filtered through a dubbed out effects unit. There is tension present but not of the kind that needs to be released as the song creaks and shimmers in some kind of sonic suspended animation. Night Dog is intimate and immersive, pulling you into its scratchy soundscape. Recorded a few years ago it brings to mind an even sparser and more organic take on The xx with a dark noir patina coating everything – from the reverb dripping drums to delicately placed delayed guitar and vocals that sound like ghostly radio despatches from another time.

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