NEW MUSIC: Boris | Quicksilver (from forthcoming new LP Noise)


Boris are an incredible band who fuse, distort, bend and blend metal, psych, noise, punk and drone into one definitive sound. Live they are pummelling and hypnotic, on record they can be frustratingly indulgent or thrillingly visceral. ‘Quicksilver’ is the first taste of their new LP Noise which comes out on June 17th via Sargent House. Be prepared for seven minutes of tsunami-like waves of metallic and melodic shredding.


01 Melody
02 Vanilla
03 Ghost of Romance
04 Heavy Rain
05 Taiyo no Baka
06 Angel
07 Quicksilver
08 Siesta

Preorders should be available HERE shortly

NEW MUSIC: Fennesz | Static Kings


Christian Fennesz has been merging electronica and guitars for years now, making both seem inseparable in his world, the latter often unrecognisable. Now he’s returning to the Mego label where he released what many consider his finest album Endless Summer (My personal favourite is still Venice) in 2001. On April 29th he’ll unveil his new record Bécs. Here’s the first taste of the album with the track ‘Static Kings’. Decidedly less billowing and dystopian than some of his other work it shows he’s embracing and exploring delicate melody on some of this new material.

NEW MUSIC: Popstrangers | Country Kills


New Zealand expats now based in the UK, Popstrangers already have a new album in the can and ready for release on May 27th via Carpark Records. Fortuna follows their excellent Antipodes LP, my favourite NZ album of 2013.
‘Country Kills’ is a tad less noisy and chaotic than their debut yet it still possesses their wonderful knack for chorus melodies. By the second chorus they’ll have you singing along, hook firmly embedded in your ear canal. The verses have some subtle shades of The Cure in them, suggesting the band are sonically venturing into darker and moodier territory.

NEW MUSIC: Amaya Laucirica | Prettier Than Sound


Amaya Laucirica (VIC) has a brand new record Sway ready to be released on April 14th and it features the great first single Prettier Than Sound which you can stream below. The song includes Adalita on backing vocals and JP Shilo on guitar and they conjure up a wonderful hazy, shimmering track with billowing harmonies and cascading textural guitars. Laucirica’s upcoming tour dates are also listed below.

Sway Tour Dates:

  • THURSDAY MAY 15 | Beav’s Bar, Geelong VIC
  • SATURDAY MAY 17 | Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine VIC
  • FRIDAY MAY 23 | The Wheatsheaf, Adelaide SA
  • SATURDAY MAY 24 | The Curtin Bandroom, Melb. VIC
  • SATURDAY MAY 31 | Goodgod, Sydney NSW
  • SUNDAY JUNE 8 | Mona Foma, Hobart TAS
  • SUNDAY JUNE 8 | The Republic, Hobart TAS
  • FRIDAY JUNE 13 | Treehouse on Belongil, Byron Bay NSW
  • SATURDAY JUNE 14 | The Bearded Lady, Brisbane QLD

NEW MUSIC: Sister Jane | Whole Wide World


Sydney’s Sister Jane are releasing Whole Wide World, the first single from their new album, on October 15th and have kindly sent a pre-release stream out into the digital aether. It finds them sounding impressively widescreen with tumbling drums, reverb-laden guitars peeling off all corners of the canvas and vocals that resonate with lush melodicism and barely contained urgency. There’s a decidedly UK post punk/indie sound going on with flashes of Cope and McCulloch refracted through a kraut/psych prism that deepens as the song progresses. It’s wonderfully immersive stuff; rich, layered and bursting with a sonic confidence that sets up high expectation for the album Frontier (due out early 2014) as all lead singles should.


NEW MUSIC: Bad Dreems | Caroline


We’ve been talking up Bad Dreems since they first emerged and they’ve just posted a stream of their forthcoming single Caroline which is due out April 6th and is the first taste of their new EP which will be out soon. Caroline sees them hitting The Soft Pack meets Nirvana territory with a tumbling rhythm section and vocals that shift gears from ambling to shredding and back again in a nanosecond before loving and leaving you just as they hit their stride. Put it on repeat and let it sink deep…

NEW MUSIC: Mark Moldre | Killer Anxiety


Songwriter Mark Moldre is about to release his sophomore solo album An Ear To The Earth on April 5th and we’ve been lucky enough to have an exclusive listen and now share with you its first single Killer Anxiety. As with Moldre’s last album The Waiting Room (2010) this is another slice of inventive left-of-centre guitar pop that effortlessly blends contagious melodies with wry observations on the frailties of the human condition and the manifestations of our obsessions with our own mortality. Moldre has a way of cutting to the core of the subject matter of his songs while coating them in fantastical musical costumes and in this instance Killer Anxiety is dressed as a calypso pop song which adds a peverse juxtaposition to the song’s lyrics. Moldre has indicated that the song isn’t representational of any new tropical direction in his songwriting but what it does suggest is that he has further loosened the reins on what should and shouldn’t work in the framework of his songs. It all points to what should be another fascinating release from one of Australia’s most underrated musicians.

An Ear To The Earth (produced by Jamie Hutchings) will be out April 5th via Laughing Outlaw Records


Side One

Everything I Need

Nowhere At All


Where Will I Be?

I Don’t Know What’s Become Of Her

Side Two

Killer Anxiety

Last Card

Four Winds

Bone Orchard

O, Dreamtime Blues