NEW MUSIC: Mark Moldre | Killer Anxiety


Songwriter Mark Moldre is about to release his sophomore solo album An Ear To The Earth on April 5th and we’ve been lucky enough to have an exclusive listen and now share with you its first single Killer Anxiety. As with Moldre’s last album The Waiting Room (2010) this is another slice of inventive left-of-centre guitar pop that effortlessly blends contagious melodies with wry observations on the frailties of the human condition and the manifestations of our obsessions with our own mortality. Moldre has a way of cutting to the core of the subject matter of his songs while coating them in fantastical musical costumes and in this instance Killer Anxiety is dressed as a calypso pop song which adds a peverse juxtaposition to the song’s lyrics. Moldre has indicated that the song isn’t representational of any new tropical direction in his songwriting but what it does suggest is that he has further loosened the reins on what should and shouldn’t work in the framework of his songs. It all points to what should be another fascinating release from one of Australia’s most underrated musicians.

An Ear To The Earth (produced by Jamie Hutchings) will be out April 5th via Laughing Outlaw Records


Side One

Everything I Need

Nowhere At All


Where Will I Be?

I Don’t Know What’s Become Of Her

Side Two

Killer Anxiety

Last Card

Four Winds

Bone Orchard

O, Dreamtime Blues



3 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC: Mark Moldre | Killer Anxiety

  1. Ha! I love this so much! Makes me want to samba around the room shaking my pill bottles like maracas. This’ll wind up on my Happy Songs playlist, for sure.

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