NEW MUSIC: Cross Dog – Scars


Cross Dog are a self-described heavy, noisy, feminist punk band from Peterborough Ontario, Canada and man they deliver a blistering slab of noise/punk metal on this track from their new album Hollow. There’s the raw, unbridled fury of the first Hole album bleeding into the hardcore of a band like Refused. It’s unrelenting and built on only bass, drums and vocals but the dynamics they build into the track make it fascinating, layered, brutally heavy and visceral. Check it…

NEW MUSIC: Viet Cong – Silhouettes


Out of the ashes of the band Women come Canadian quartet Viet Cong. Theirs is a dark and rhythmic post-punk guitar sound. Like a symposium of Interpol, Liars and Bauhaus, fronted by Andrew Eldritch, sweating it out in a dark, claustrophobic basement disco. Their debut self-titled LP is out now via Jagjaguwar. Here’s the clip for the track ‘Silhouettes’. You can watch the video for their first single ‘Continental Shelf’ HERE.