NEW MUSIC from noisy Chicago Krautrock/post-punk group Koalra

‘The Fires Burned‘ drops the gears and hits the accelerator, immediately levelling out at cruise controlled high speed sense of urgency, there’s a Krautrock insistency locked into the rhythm section – as much chug and churn as narcotised tunnel vision. Mantra-like vocals intone deep nothings across the pealing and swirling guitars. Distortion harnessed like a controlled back burn – where the forest meets the desert. This … Continue reading NEW MUSIC from noisy Chicago Krautrock/post-punk group Koalra

NEW MUSIC: Work Party – NFG

Missing new sounds from Jesus Lizard, Black Flag, METZ etc? Lock your clock on Chicago band Work Party and their new track ‘NFG’ (No Fucks Given). It swings like a sledgehammer or an executioners axe – rough and raw, grinding and irreverent, this is post-punk meets noise rock par excellence. The middle section with spoken word is unsettling and humorous before the song lurches back … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Work Party – NFG

NEW MUSIC: Nonagon – The Family Meal

See-sawing tension and a mix of post-hardcore and post-punk styles makes this new track from Chicago trio Nonagon a real delight. On ‘The Family Meal’ there’s the knottiness and angles of Fugazi mixed with the reaching melodies of Sunny Day Real Estate as the song lurches and churns. This new single comes from their full-length LP They Birds, released on March 3rd, 2021. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Nonagon – The Family Meal

NEW MUSIC: Montecore – Ott Sauce

Straight out of the gates into a krautrock, psych sprint from Chicago group Montecore. The song comes from their One Night album that came out in May and they’ve already followed it up with a new album, House Fire Themes, which hits the same frantic, hyper-melodic hypnotic sweet-spot, Those kinds of songs that could (and should) go on endlessly as guitar solos fire off into … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Montecore – Ott Sauce

NEW MUSIC: Koalra – Dear Daylight

Hailing from Chicago Illinois, Koalra cut some fine indie rock shapes on this single ‘Dear Daylight’. There’s the rough and tumbling guitars – part jangle, part visceral screes – post-punk rhythms and a voice that hollers and sings with a beautiful melancholic angst. It all fits together just right on the single, one of many great tracks on their EP Surprise Lights. Koalra call themselves … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Koalra – Dear Daylight

NEW MUSIC: Daymaker – Mpc

Chicagoans Daymaker recently released their new album Let The Sun Fall and this is one of its highlights, the jerky, yelp and howl of ‘Mpc’. The start of the track reminds me of Hot Snakes and then they throw their jagged-edged guitar shards across the song before Erin Delaney lets loose with her strident holler. She’s part Siouxsie Sioux, part Carrie Brownstein  as she leads … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Daymaker – Mpc

NEWS: SOUNDGARDEN to release retrospective Telephantasm…

Fresh from their Chicago club show (see video at end of post) and return to Lollapalooza over the weekend, Soundgarden have announced that they will be releasing a retrospective called Telephantasm on September 28th. In their own words: It is with great pleasure that we can finally let you all know what we have been working on. On September 28th, we will be releasing a … Continue reading NEWS: SOUNDGARDEN to release retrospective Telephantasm…