NEW MUSIC from noisy Chicago Krautrock/post-punk group Koalra

‘The Fires Burned‘ drops the gears and hits the accelerator, immediately levelling out at cruise controlled high speed sense of urgency, there’s a Krautrock insistency locked into the rhythm section – as much chug and churn as narcotised tunnel vision. Mantra-like vocals intone deep nothings across the pealing and swirling guitars. Distortion harnessed like a controlled back burn – where the forest meets the desert. This … Continue reading NEW MUSIC from noisy Chicago Krautrock/post-punk group Koalra

NEW MUSIC: Syndrom Samazvanca – Alimpijada-20

Cosmic Krautrock rhythms, mystical atmospheric electronica and psychedelic space rock are the orders of the day on this superb instrumental track from this Belarusian duo. They cite both CAN and King Gizzard as influences and that’s a good description of the heady grooves at play on this track. The song comes from Syndrom Samazvanca‘s (translated as “imposter syndrome”) new album Sonk, out now via streaming services … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Syndrom Samazvanca – Alimpijada-20

NEW MUSIC: Contessa di GongGong – El Camino

The impressively named Swiss trio Contessa di GongGong recently released this moody and agile instrumental track that hits a nimble and tight rhythmic groove while the rest of the group add post rock noir touches of shimmering and sparkling guitars and subtle vocal samples. They describe their sound as cineastic spacekraut. The tracks are based on improvisations and apparently involve “consciously random developments”. The track … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Contessa di GongGong – El Camino

ALBUM REVIEW: Black Midi – Cavalcade

Black Midi Cavalcade Rough Trade / Remote Control Records The new wave of prodigious, forward-thinking and bold UK musicians continues unabated as we near the middle of 2021. With the underground jazz scene taking its divergent strands overground to international acclaim and songwriters and players of the experimental indie rock persuasion, who were barely born when Radiohead released OK Computer, soaking up and reimagining all … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Black Midi – Cavalcade

NEW MUSIC: Bandicoot – Dark Too Long

‘Dark Too Long’ is a song that Swansea, UK band Bandicoot describe as a “frenzied cry of desperation from the depths of excess and loneliness, influenced by the driving rhythms of NEU! and Can.” After the initial ambient drift of the intro, it tumbles along in synchronous perpetual motion. There’s the unhinged end of the Radiohead spectrum in play here, as much as a swaggering … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Bandicoot – Dark Too Long