NEW MUSIC from noisy Chicago Krautrock/post-punk group Koalra

The Fires Burned‘ drops the gears and hits the accelerator, immediately levelling out at cruise controlled high speed sense of urgency, there’s a Krautrock insistency locked into the rhythm section – as much chug and churn as narcotised tunnel vision. Mantra-like vocals intone deep nothings across the pealing and swirling guitars. Distortion harnessed like a controlled back burn – where the forest meets the desert. This thing gets increasingly intense and layered as the robotic groove hammers even more intently. By the near ten minute mark the song collapses in on itself, a tangle carnage of smoke, twisted metal and and engine exhausted. Brilliant.

Koalra are a Chicago quartet that mine the sweet dissonance of indie, punk and underground rock, throwing a nod back to legendary trailblazers and self-proclaimed influences such as Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Ween.

‘The Fires Burned’ appears on the forthcoming EP (April 22nd, 2022) The fires burned everything we had. When the dust settles, they will do it again.  


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