NEW MUSIC: Wine Flies – Business

Some wonderfully weird-pop here courtesy of Wine Flies, the solo project of Swedish musician Henrik Lennartsson. It hits that same spaced-out, fever dream vibe of John Maus and Ariel Pink with a warped, lo-fi production aesthetic that accentuates the haunted feel of the music. “Business was the result of me, merely improvising keys over a beat. I never know what I’m gonna get, since I … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Wine Flies – Business

ALBUM REVIEW: Damien Jurado – The Horizon Just Laughed

The Horizon Just Laughed comes on the back of the loosely thematic trilogy of albums he recorded with producer and musician Andrew Swift. They were psychedelic in nature though still rooted in the folk form. In contrast, this feels like a retreat from the density and experimentation, to a place of reflection and solitude. Jurado is often lumped in with songwriters like Phosphorescent, Sam Beam … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Damien Jurado – The Horizon Just Laughed

ALBUM REVIEW: Kyle Craft – Full Circle Nightmare

This is Kyle Craft’s second album; his first set a high bar with its songs of underground heroes and misfits and now he’s taken that momentum and set one dizzying and rambunctious musical snowball in motion. Craft is still mining the same stories he relishes and excels at, singing of junkies and angels, late night bars, existential crises and the overwhelming worlds of love and … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Kyle Craft – Full Circle Nightmare

ALBUM REVIEW: Mere Women – Big Skies

Album number three for this Sydney quartet (previously a trio). The addition of bass guitar adds another layer of rhythm and movement to their sound as they tackle the experiences of women over different generations via their dark and swirling post punk. It can be a claustrophobic listen at times, the guitar acting like mesh and gauze with its washes of distortion and clanging reverb, … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Mere Women – Big Skies

ALBUM REVIEW: Moon Duo – Occult Architecture Vol. 1

Moon Duo return with the first of two albums they plan to release in 2017, with both volumes rooted in balanced and oppositional ideas and textures. The conceptual approach of the double album is, in their words “an intricately woven hymn to the invisible structures found in the cycle of seasons and the journey of day into night, dark into light.” That Yin Yang format … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Moon Duo – Occult Architecture Vol. 1

ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost Wave – Radio Norfolk

Three years on from their debut Ages, Ghost Wave sound a wholly more authentic and lived-in proposition. Ages sounded like the sum of its influences (UK indie, Krautrock, NZ 80s alt-guitar pop) and they mastered them exceedingly well, but Radio Norfolk takes those sounds further and deeper, co-mingling and cross-pollinating with more sonic grit and subtlety. Psychedelia has permeated music strongly in recent years, much … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost Wave – Radio Norfolk

SONIC KICKS: Show Me Where It Hurts

Show Me Where It Hurts are a Rhodes electric piano, drums and vocals duo from Auckland, New Zealand. Both musicians have been key players on the Auckland scene for the last two decades with Josh Hetherington fronting Thorazine Shuffle and Ronny Haynes drumming with bands such as Pash and Fagan And The People. The pair have just released their debut self-titled EP (stream/buy below) which follows … Continue reading SONIC KICKS: Show Me Where It Hurts

INTERVIEW: Bryan Estepa

Bryan Estepa has embraced fatherhood, is approaching middle-age, and now, five albums into his solo career, he finds those life events being reflected in his songwriting and approach to the music business.  On the day of his launch gig for his new album Every Little Thing, Estepa is surprisingly calm, even when having to be interviewed via video in his car as he momentarily escapes … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Bryan Estepa

EP REVIEW: Sere – Sere

Sere hit the ground running on their debut self-titled release. It’s a three track EP but it could easily be considered a mini album with its 24 minute runtime and the varied terrain they cover. The doom quota is high from the Auckland quartet yet never in a super-serious, studied manner. These guys can hammer down but they also show a desire to expand the … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Sere – Sere

ALBUM REVIEW: Terry – Terry HQ

Terry – It’s not the kind of name that screams rockstar or great commercial ambition and as such it’s a fitting moniker for this Melbourne quartet comprised of members of skewed rock ’n’ roll, underground royalty bands such as Total Control, UV Race and Dick Diver. They operate firmly in the realm of woolly and wonky, lo-fi indie rock with a healthy strain of blank-faced … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Terry – Terry HQ

ALBUM REVIEW: Trust Punks – Double Bind

Auckland band Trust Punks return with their sophomore album and in the process they’ve tightened their sound, ratcheted up the tension and broadened their interpretation of post-punk. On 2014’s Discipline they mixed jangling guitars and sparkling, ramshackle melodies and, though those are still a key part of the mix, they’ve now emboldened their sound with a brasher rhythmic attack while bringing in seemingly contradictory sounds … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Trust Punks – Double Bind

ALBUM REVIEW: Gold Class – It’s You

Only emerging from the Melbourne scene earlier this year, Gold Class’ art is seemingly fully formed; from the artwork to their visual aesthetic and musical take on the brittle and dynamic world of post-punk. To do so in the contemporary climate where the album doesn’t hold the same cultural and economic cache it once did is an admirable approach. There were no early singles showing … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Gold Class – It’s You