NEW MUSIC: Dante Mazzetti – Cold Rain

The spirit of Tom Waits is strong on this song from New York songwriter Dante Mazzetti. The skeletal jazz bones and intimate, smoky vocal delivery bring to mind Waits but as the song progresses you can also hear a bluesy Bad Seeds-styled rousing delivery gradually encroach on the pared back sound of the song. ‘Cold Rain’ comes from his recently released new EP Hotel Vol. … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Dante Mazzetti – Cold Rain

NEW MUSIC: Quivers – When It Breaks

We’ve dug everything we’ve heard from Quivers and this single, released toward the end of 2019 is no exception. That blend of jangly/chiming guitars, melancholy and effortless momentum. It’s like a road trip soundtracked by The Byrds and The Bats. Lovely stuff. Quivers is the lyric-driven guitar-pop project of Tasmanian Sam J Nicholson. Having moved to Melbourne, the band is rounded-out by Bella Quinlan (bass), Holly Thomas (drums) and … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Quivers – When It Breaks

NEW MUSIC: Musketeer – Wolves

German songwriter Musketeer has released this haunting slice of melancholia – folk-like with a gothic twist. It unfurls beautifully with a strong poetic bent. Described as a howling testament to a pack of wolves returning to Denmark (after not being sighted there for 200 years), this version of ‘Wolves’ is built around acoustic guitar and a synth – a much starker version that the drums-assisted previous … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Musketeer – Wolves

NEW MUSIC: Silverbacks – Sirens

Irish rock music has had a strong year – with albums from Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital particular standouts. The song ‘Sirens’ by Silverbacks also caught our ear with its Krautrock insistency, chanting vocal and guitars that splinter, chime and spark off into interesting dynamic directions.   Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Silverbacks – Sirens

NEW MUSIC: Ben Neill – Auricle

Working at the junction of ambient, avant garde jazz and electronica, Ben Neill has just reissued his 1995 album Green Machine, an album that received widespread critical acclaim on its original release on the Astralwerks label. The music on the album is performed on his self designed, electro-acoustic Mutantrumpet, skilfully navigating a netherworld between organic and synthetic composition and playing. This track ‘Auricle’ is the perfect … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Ben Neill – Auricle

NEW MUSIC: Space Church – The Ambassador

Space Church hail from the south east of England and they’ve been trading in a type of mellow and moody post rock/math rock sound over a few releases now. Their latest is Tuff Ambassador, from which this slinky slice of tugging, teasing and interweaving paths and rhythms comes – ‘The Ambassador’. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Space Church – The Ambassador


Another fine year of music (isn’t it always?!) and one where we found ourselves heading in multiple directions with the kind of things we were seeking out and listening to. From metal to ambient, electronic to country music – there were aural gems to be discovered across the musical spectrum in 2019. Here then are 50 of our favourite albums from the year. The ones … Continue reading FAVOURITE ALBUMS OF 2019

NEW MUSIC: B. Hamilton – North San Juan

This new track from the band B. Hamilton (Oakland, CA) has one hell of a chorus that bursts forth from bluesy soul verses like a tornado touching down and gathering up everything in its path in a swirling storm of epic rock. ‘North San Juan’ comes from their recently released album Nothing And Nowhere. On the song, songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Ryan Christopher Parks Parks … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: B. Hamilton – North San Juan

NEW MUSIC: Salad Boys – This Issue

New sounds from New Zealand band Salad Boys. ‘This Issue’ is a fine blend of hypnotic rhythms and guitars that tease and twist themselves into fascinating melodic shapes. At times the guitars reminded me of the warped brilliance of the 3Ds but the rest of the song is on a different trip. Heavy-lidded mantra-like vocals. It’s all wrapped up in a caustic and brittle lo-fi kinda … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Salad Boys – This Issue

NEW MUSIC: Orchestra Gold – Maribayassa

The sounds of Africa have been explored, excavated and reissued with great enthusiasm in recent years – from the Soundways compilations to Soul Jazz’s Nigeria series and many more. The sound has filtered through into plenty of contemporary acts too – Goat come to mind with their mix of African, psych and Krautrock sounds and this Oakland CA USA group Orchestra Gold are another fine … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Orchestra Gold – Maribayassa

NEW MUSIC: KIALLA – Kotton Kandy

This Russian-Iranian duo KIALLA was formed in 2018 in the west-side of Chicago and their latest single is ‘Kotton Kandy’, a track that blends jungle breaks and a stoned 90s trip hop vibe. It works really well. We’re looking forward to hear more of what the pair have to offer. KIA grew up in Tehran, Iran where he began his creative journey. Via was born … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: KIALLA – Kotton Kandy

LIVE REVIEW: U2 @ Sydney Cricket Ground, 2019

U2, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Sydney Cricket Ground 22 November, 2019 For 43 years Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr have been playing music together. From Dublin bars to stadiums across the world, they’re one of the few legendary bands to boast such longevity with their original lineup – something that Bono would give gratitude and praise for across an epic … Continue reading LIVE REVIEW: U2 @ Sydney Cricket Ground, 2019