NEW MUSIC: Pinball – Skies

Post-rock is a genre that in its finest moments has boundless possibilities, multiple genres instrumentally intertwined to create moods and atmospheres that range from the intimate to the widescreen. Pinball are a France-based group comprised of Australian expats Melissa Cox (violin) and Alex Stuart (guitar), and French musicians Benjamin Body (bass) and Simon Clavel (drums). ‘Skies’ is a track that builds evocatively over four minutes, Cox’s … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Pinball – Skies

NEW MUSIC: Tan Cologne – Alien

Tan Cologne are the American duo of Lauren Green (formerly Mirror Travel) and interdisciplinary artist Marissa Macias who began collaborating in Taos, NM. Their debut album Cave Vaults On The Moon In New Mexico came out last week and ‘Alien’ is a shimmering, atmospheric and gently propulsive example of the cosmic psychedelia that the pair have created. You can hear the desert, the stars, the shimmering … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Tan Cologne – Alien

NEW MUSIC: Space Church – The Ambassador

Space Church hail from the south east of England and they’ve been trading in a type of mellow and moody post rock/math rock sound over a few releases now. Their latest is Tuff Ambassador, from which this slinky slice of tugging, teasing and interweaving paths and rhythms comes – ‘The Ambassador’. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Space Church – The Ambassador

NEW MUSIC: Past Present & Tortusa – Black Mist

Out of Norway comes this fascinating piece of experimental dubbed and smeared atmospheric jazz fusion from Past Present & Tortusa. The trio of trumpet, upright bass and live sampling is composed and performed by Simen Kiil Halvorsen, Alexander Hoholm and Tortusa respectively. Space is the key to what makes ‘Black Mist’ so compelling as the digital details flicker and dance around the edge of the music, creating … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Past Present & Tortusa – Black Mist

Michael A. Muller – Lower River

Michael A. Muller is a co-founder of Balmorhea who have released six albums over the last 13 years. ‘Lower River’ is the title track of his solo album and it’s a wonderfully immersive and hypnotic piece of ambient, droning music that hangs in the air, draped in resonating, melancholic chords. The press releases describes the track as being inspired by his own remote travels throughout … Continue reading Michael A. Muller – Lower River

NEW MUSIC: Christopher Tignor – The Resonance Canons

Christopher Tignor is a New York composer with an impressive CV. In his early days he mixed sound at CBGBs, was an assistant to La Monte Young. He gained a Masters in computer science from NYU, proceeded through Princeton’s PhD program in music composition, and was later recruited for a software engineering position at Google. He’s released nine albums and collaborated with a range of other … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Christopher Tignor – The Resonance Canons

NEW MUSIC: Under The Reefs Orchestra – Tucuman

Under The Reefs Orchestra are a Belgian trio who certainly know their way around a dark and hypnotic groove. Drums, guitar and bass saxophone combine in a haunting rhythmic mix of post rock and a dash of jazz. It works wonderfully too, conjuring squalls of guitar across a doom-laden desert backdrop. This is a live in-studio version of the song, their brand new single, of … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Under The Reefs Orchestra – Tucuman

NEW MUSIC: One Sentence. Supervisor – Acedia

For fans of Fujiya & Miyagi, Neu!, Hot Chip Here’s a crazy, wild yet totally controlled Krautpop sound from Swiss band One Sentence. Supervisor. ‘Acedia’ is a metronomic delight, galloping along and fizzing with handclaps, a vocal sound reminiscent of The Charlatans, guitar that explodes and surges skyward and the unique blend of virtuoso oud player Bahur Ghazi. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: One Sentence. Supervisor – Acedia

MEW MUSIC: Intenso – Meek

Short-circuiting digital post rock and scattered fragments of jazz inhabit this track from Intenso, a trio from Perth, Western Australia. ‘Meek’ starts glitchy – insistent yet tentative – before swelling and morphing into a heaving polymorphic mass of synthetic scree and noise manipulation. Fascinating, disturbing and hypnotic sounds that will pummel you into sonic oblivion over seven intense(o) minutes. Continue reading MEW MUSIC: Intenso – Meek

NEW MUSIC: Milly – Talking Secret

Some woozy, slow moving shoegaze sounds for you today. ‘Talking Secret’ is a new track from Milly, a Los Angeles band fronted by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brendan Dyer. The song blends UK and US styles really nicely. There are echoes of post rock and grunge in the mix. I guess a band that you could draw some parallels with would be Swervedriver and the way … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Milly – Talking Secret

EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Fleeting Persuasion – Forever Caught

  We’re very pleased to be able to premiere a stream of the brand new album from Fleeting Persuasion, the latest nom de plume of Melbourne songwriter James Spencer Harrison. He’s previously released music under the name J M S Harrison but now, with a richer and denser full band sound on Forever Caught he’s launched it under Fleeting Persuasion. Sonically persuading it is too, … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Fleeting Persuasion – Forever Caught

NEW MUSIC: Waldo’s Gift – Kaleidoscope

Here’s some wild and freakish playing and composition from UK trio Waldo’s Gift. Jazz, post rock, avant prog and more combine on this fluttering, frenetic, precise yet freeing instrumental track that features an equally compelling video clip by Waveform Media. This beast grows and mutates, centred around that incessant metronomically pummelling rhythm. Hypnotic and thrilling stuff! Their debut album ‘Improvisations’, released May 10th consists entirely of music … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Waldo’s Gift – Kaleidoscope