ALBUM REVIEW: Low – Double Negative

Press play and the first thing you’ll hear on the new Low album is the equivalent of a digital sandstorm. Slowly but surely, out of the static and sonic scree comes the voice of Alan Sparhawk, sounding like a ghost trying with all his might to re-engage with the physical world. It’s a fascinating way to open an album; a new approach for Low and … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Low – Double Negative

ALBUM REVIEW: Harmony – Double Negative

Melbourne’s Harmony have had a four year break between albums but that time has clearly been well spent with Double Negative the strongest culmination of their soulful, ragged and cathartic sound.  Carpetbombing (2014) was a sprawling collection of songs that often sounded brittle and impenetrable, the core of the songs sonically buried beneath the surface. It still impressed but the good news is that on … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Harmony – Double Negative

NEW MUSIC: Low Share Three New Songs from ‘Double Negative’.

Low have a new album called Double Negative coming out via Sub Pop Records on September 14th and today the label has shared a clip featuring videos for three of its songs – ‘Quorum’, ‘Dancing And Blood’ and ‘Fly’. Working again with producer B.J. Burton, Mimi Parker and Alan Sparhawk and bassist Steve Garrington returned once again to Justin Vernon’s April Base studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Low Share Three New Songs from ‘Double Negative’.