Hailing from Auckland/Tāmaki Makaurau in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Coffin Club get taut and frantic on this mighty slice of post-hardcore and post-punk that brings to mind Hot Snakes, Fugazi, Mudhoney and their compatriots Die! Die! Die. The song deals with themes of exploitation in the workplace, lack of care for low income workers, and trying to cope in a capitalist world despite all the stresses and … Continue reading COFFIN CLUB UNLEASH THE FRANTIC PUNK OF FSTFWRD/RWND


Rhythm and funk is the name of the game on this track from Auckland, New Zealand producer A bLUNT jESTER, who’s already had success with previous releases on student radio in Aotearoa. He dials into an 80s aesthetic of movie soundtracks that lean towards a cold wave and sci-fi dance floor aesthetic. Clinical production qualities built around a half-man/half-machine drum sound make it sound like … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: A bLUNT jESTER – Cat Door

NEW MUSIC: Damien Binder – Here It Is

Damien Binder is back with his new single ‘Here It Is’, the first taste of his forthcoming fifth solo album. New Zealand readers will be familiar with the trajectory of his career which began as the frontman for Auckland post-punk band Second Child from the late 80s and through the 90s. Damien’s now based in Perth and has teamed up with producer Matt Gio for … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Damien Binder – Here It Is

NEW MUSIC: Wax Chattels – Career

Wax Chattels from Auckland, NZ have released the first single from their self-titled debut LP, set for release on May 18th via Flying Nun Records and Captured Tracks. ‘Career’ is a dark and ominous slow building track that conjures up images of fried circuit boards and ghostly monks in a post-punk landscape where sonic stabs pierce the gloom and deadpan vocals are the calm before … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Wax Chattels – Career

VIDEO: Dictaphone Blues – Bully

Aucklander Edward Castelow has unveiled a new pop-tastic sound with the first single from his new EP due out next month. The video has been floating around the internet for a few months now but it’s worth revisiting or checking out for the first time if you haven’t seen/heard it. In the past Edward has written in more of an indie/alt-pop style, more similar to … Continue reading VIDEO: Dictaphone Blues – Bully

EP REVIEW: Sere – Sere

Sere hit the ground running on their debut self-titled release. It’s a three track EP but it could easily be considered a mini album with its 24 minute runtime and the varied terrain they cover. The doom quota is high from the Auckland quartet yet never in a super-serious, studied manner. These guys can hammer down but they also show a desire to expand the … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Sere – Sere

ALBUM REVIEW: Trust Punks – Double Bind

Auckland band Trust Punks return with their sophomore album and in the process they’ve tightened their sound, ratcheted up the tension and broadened their interpretation of post-punk. On 2014’s Discipline they mixed jangling guitars and sparkling, ramshackle melodies and, though those are still a key part of the mix, they’ve now emboldened their sound with a brasher rhythmic attack while bringing in seemingly contradictory sounds … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Trust Punks – Double Bind

NEWS: Trust Punks Announce New LP ‘Double Bind’

Currently split between Auckland and Sydney, Trust Punks have been focusing their time recording their second album. Double Bind is out on July 22nd via Spunk Records. Below you can check out two tracks from the new LP, the driving, catchy and speed-changing political commentary of Paradise/Angel-wire and the lurching, clatter and ominous chanting of Leaving Room For The Lord.   Continue reading NEWS: Trust Punks Announce New LP ‘Double Bind’

NEW MUSIC: Street Chant – Pedestrian Support League

They’ve been quiet for a while now but finally Auckland trio Street Chant are back with a new song and video ahead of the release of their second LP. ‘Pedestrian Support League’ is an epic 5 minute track that ebbs and flows across wistful guitar, some great melodic basslines and some incisive observational lyrics from Emily Littler. Pedestrian Support League is a song loosely about Auckland … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Street Chant – Pedestrian Support League

ALBUM REVIEW: New Gum Sarn – New Gold Mountain

The Auckland quartet have made an auspicious start to their recording career, signing to Spunk who are releasing their debut album across Australia and New Zealand. They’re one of many acts currently making waves with a 90s flavoured sound yet theirs is a blend of influences that makes it hard to pin them down as recyclers of any one band’s sound. That is of course … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: New Gum Sarn – New Gold Mountain

ALBUM REVIEW: Trust Punks – Discipline

Aucklanders Trust Punks have carved themselves a healthy reputation over the last couple of years and now they have a debut album under their belts. It’s a strong showing too with twists and turns aplenty as they deploy their melodic post-punk sound across seven songs in a brief 24 minutes. Their range and ability to blend dissonance and melody are the cornerstones of the band’s … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Trust Punks – Discipline