TALKING WE’RE NOT TALKING Brisbane trio The Goon Sax return with their second album and as Louis Forster and Riley Jones explain to Chris Familton, the desire to document their thoughts and experiences through an open musical relationship remains the driving ethos of the band.  They were still teenagers negotiating the twin worlds of school life and being in a band when they released their … Continue reading INTERVIEW: The Goon Sax

INTERVIEW: Lee Ranaldo (2012)

The common impression of Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo is one of a polymorphic artist with ideas constantly tumbling out as spoken word, art and of course music. His collaborative projects are numerous, as are the publications of his poetry and one senses he is totally consumed by the creative process. With this in mind as we chatted over the phone from his New York home … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Lee Ranaldo (2012)

TOUR DIARY: Mark Moldre

TOUR DIARY: MARK MOLDRE PROLOGUE Sleepwalker, I feel my way through forest and gorge Fantastically around me a magic circle glows Not caring whether I courted or cursed I follow truly my inner calling – Herman Hesse I’ve never had any delusions of grandeur about my musical place in Australia I’ve struggled to make any kind of mark In my last 3 decades of making … Continue reading TOUR DIARY: Mark Moldre


THE HAZARDOUS TERRAIN OF LOVE It’s been four years between albums for Melbourne’s Harmony, with members focusing on other projects and babies entering the frame. As Tom Lyngcoln explains to Chris Familton, this time around there were changes in both the recorded sound of Double Negative and the way he approached the writing of its songs. “Alex [Lyngcoln, drummer] and I had a baby daughter … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Harmony


THE SURREAL WORLD OF KYLE CRAFT Like some kind of backcombed bird nest hairdo glam rocker from the surrealist netherworld of a bygone era, Kyle Craft burst onto the scene with his debut album Dolls Of Highland on the Sub Pop label in 2016. With a voice that resembled an over-emotive Bob Dylan or Jeff Buckley if he was raised in a carnival, Craft sounded … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Kyle Craft

INTERVIEW: Django Django (2018)

TIC TAC TOE TAPPING On the eve of the release of their third album, Marble Skies, and an hour before they take the stage in London to launch it, drummer/producer David Maclean chats with Chris Familton about where the inspiration comes from in the creation of their multifaceted sound. Django Django are now three albums deep into a career that started with a bang when … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Django Django (2018)

INTERVIEW: The Black Seeds

It has been five years since The Black Seeds released their last album, but after internal changes and abandoned recordings the Wellington reggae/soul outfit are back and firing on all cylinders with their new album Fabric. Back in 2014 The Black Seeds were immersed in the recording of a new album, one that head Seed Barnaby Weir was touting as ‘a Black Seeds fully original … Continue reading INTERVIEW: The Black Seeds


If there’s one thing that Ben Salter (The Gin Club, The Wilson Pickers) always appears to do, it’s to back himself. This time he’s even gone so far as to name his new solo album Back Yourself, and in the spirit of impromptu creativity and capturing songs on the fly he took a new and challenging approach to the writing and recording of the album. … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Ben Salter

INTERVIEW: Protomartyr

LOUD NOISE AND FLOWING ALCOHOL Protomartyr’s frontman Joe Casey calls in from Detroit, MI to tell Chris Familton about the band’s new album, new record label and where that voice of his came from. Protomartyr are already four albums deep into their recording career, all in the space of five years. It’s the sign of a band riding a wave of creativity and a relentless … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Protomartyr

INTERVIEW: Aldous Harding (2017)

The New Zealand folk singer arrived with a reputation for unsettling live performances which suggested a fragile personality that was, at the same time, quite unique and creatively courageous. Aldous Harding wrote and sang like a distant echo from archaic times. It was heart-on-sleeve stuff but delivered with a a theatrical bent that sounded quite magnificent and intriguing but perhaps obfuscated the content of her … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Aldous Harding (2017)

INTERVIEW: Kirin J Callinan

BEHIND THE BRAVADO Down the line from LA, where he’s between tours with Pond and Mac DeMarco, Kirin J. Callinan gives Chris Familton an insight into the creative process behind his new album Bravado and why it took four years to complete. Kirin J. Callinan is something of a modern day renaissance man, a polymorphic pop provocateur who revels in stretching creative boundaries and treading … Continue reading INTERVIEW: Kirin J Callinan

NEW MUSIC: Jep and Dep – Cruel Moon (video)

Jep and Dep are back with ‘Cruel Moon’, the first single from their forthcoming second LP, due out this August. Over the last couple of years they’ve developed a cohesive and atmospheric style, built on strong monochromatic imagery in their photos and videos – the perfect marriage to their sparse, sometimes lush, always compelling folk-noir sound. Jessica Cassar and Darren Cross take a strong conceptual approach to … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Jep and Dep – Cruel Moon (video)