So much to love about this new single from Grimson, the project of Berlin-based Swedish/American songwriter Aiden Berglund. You can hear the rich pop art psych explosion of Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson and more contemporary progenitors of the genre such as High Llamas and Field Music in ‘Household‘, the latest in a string of singles. Heavy, rhythmic and supremely melodic piano bounces through the track, … Continue reading GRIMSON RELEASES GLORIOUS PSYCHEDELIC ART POP SINGLE ‘HOUSEHOLD’

NEW MUSIC: Pink Milk – Blue Eyes (River of Glass)

Bathed in a sea of reverb, this recent single from Swedish duo Pink Milk hits the emotional afterburners as it soars through a blissed out asteroid shower of JAMC drums, fizzing shoegaze distortion and uplifting, euphoric vocal melodies. There’s even a guitar solo at the end that would put a smile of the face of the purple one. The song comes from their forthcoming second … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Pink Milk – Blue Eyes (River of Glass)

NEW MUSIC: Albin – Mellandagar

Albin is the moniker of Albin Johansson, a musician, composer, and producer based in Malmö, Sweden. Primarily using analog synthesizers and drum machines, he’s released material on a number of labels over the last seven years and performed in cities such as Malmö, Berlin, Vienna, and New York. ‘Mellandagar’ comes from his new EP Passage, and it cuts a wonderfully minimalistic swathe through the history … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Albin – Mellandagar

NEW MUSIC: TOVE – Gin & Lemonade

This track from TOVE caught our ear recently with it’s sweet, warm and mellifluous feel. There’s a breakbeat anchoring it, some lush shoegaze guitar, atmospheric sliding guitar moans and across it all is the beautiful voice of Sweden’s Tove Tejlar with her hypnotic, circling melodies. Lovely stuff. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: TOVE – Gin & Lemonade

NEW MUSIC: Childmind – Island Of Lambs

Psychedelic explorations of the electric kind are the order of the day on this new single from Childmind – Sweden’s Hannes Glans. ‘Island Of Lambs’, a dark story about the Swedish island of Gotland, excels in its constantly changing vistas. One second it’s pulsing kosmiche electronica and the next it ramps up into a heady rock mantra worthy of comparison to King Gizzard and the Lizard … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Childmind – Island Of Lambs

NEW MUSIC: Silvermannen – Gryning

Playfulness in electronic music can be a hard thing to capture, without sounding like pop music and lacking depth and nuance. Silvermannen (Sweden) have got the balance just right. ‘Gryning’ is light on it’s feet but still has a weight of gentle melancholy to it. It’s definitely more autumnal than summery in its vibe. There’s more than a whiff of nostalgia in the synth sounds … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Silvermannen – Gryning

NEW MUSIC: Wine Flies – Business

Some wonderfully weird-pop here courtesy of Wine Flies, the solo project of Swedish musician Henrik Lennartsson. It hits that same spaced-out, fever dream vibe of John Maus and Ariel Pink with a warped, lo-fi production aesthetic that accentuates the haunted feel of the music. “Business was the result of me, merely improvising keys over a beat. I never know what I’m gonna get, since I … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Wine Flies – Business

NEW MUSIC: Wy – Softie

Malmö, Sweden duo (Ebba and Michel) Wy are set to released their second LP Softie, at the end of April and this is the title track, a swelling swoon of a song that takes in pop angst, dream-pop swirl and an indie aesthetic. At various times it reminds us of Siouxsie Sioux and Anna Calvi singing the music of Cocteau Twins. It’s emotional and passionate … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Wy – Softie

NEW MUSIC: Surmland Sound Science – Analysis: Unidentified KHz

We’re hitting up some sounds from Sweden today, in the form of this track from Surmland Sound Science. It comes from their EP The First Thesis. There’s not much to be found online about the group or individual – no Facebook or Spotify presence. I guess they let the music do the talking and we’ll take that. ‘Analysis: Identified KHz’ is an instrumental piece that … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Surmland Sound Science – Analysis: Unidentified KHz

NEW MUSIC: Umifozi – Asterkross

Umfozi (Elias Araya) hails from Sweden and is the former drummer for indie band Junip. His solo project sees him channelling self-confessed influences such as Alice Coltrane, Neurosis and Sylvester and creating these hypnotic instrumental pieces that are built on percussive elements yet they possess floating, drifting avant-jazz and electronic qualities that take the pieces to quite interesting and subtle places. You can listen to … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Umifozi – Asterkross