So much to love about this new single from Grimson, the project of Berlin-based Swedish/American songwriter Aiden Berglund. You can hear the rich pop art psych explosion of Beach Boys, Harry Nilsson and more contemporary progenitors of the genre such as High Llamas and Field Music in ‘Household‘, the latest in a string of singles.

Heavy, rhythmic and supremely melodic piano bounces through the track, augmented by strings, Ringo Starr-styled drums and Berglund’s perfect vocal, a sweet take on the kind of sound that bands such as Grizzly Bear have mastered.

Check out the wonderful video clip, directed and animated by T. Marsh and Grimson, below.

In the words of Crimson, ‘Household’ is “an imagined desperate teenage domestic jailbreak.” As Berglund explains, “The song was inspired by two of my close female friends who were heavily constrained and controlled by their domineering parents. The opening line “When I get out of this house, I will be my own,” refers to the captivity I witnessed. I try to give my friends a fighting chance in the final chorus of this imagined escape, singing “I can’t take my eyes off the horizon, ’cause I will be the first one off this island.” Sadly they don’t really succeed.”

“There is also something painfully personal about this track, so much so that when I first played this song in front of my family, my brother lashed out at him for insulting them personally.”

Discussing the sonic and songwriting approach, Berglund isn’t shy about acknowledging some of the influences he drew from. “I tried to take a page from Sergeant Pepper’s playbook, ‘Household’ morphs from section to section, sliding from hopeless ballad into a snake boots rock saunter, while attempting to retain sincerity, and what make my music my own. I borrowed far and wide for this, emulating George Martin’s string arrangements alongside a Dr. Dre-esque shuffle. The journey climaxes in a dramatic explosion akin to something off OK Computer, only to limp back to a Harry Nilsson croon at the very end.”


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