NEW MUSIC: Jessica – Oh I See It

Late last year, Sydney songwriter Jessica released her second album, With Reverie. In contrast to her debut The Space Between (2020), which was based around her guitar playing, its followup is an album composed and performed beautifully on piano. The connective tissue between the two albums is Jessica’s haunting, elegiac voice. Part ethereal and dreamy, part heart wrenching and all consuming – whichever way you hear … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Jessica – Oh I See It

ALBUM REVIEW: Sophie Hutchings – Wide Asleep

In recent years there has been a wealth of composers that fall into the loosely-aligned world of modern-classical, post-ambient, avant-electronic and instrumental post-rock. They draw from all of those styles and explore their compositional meeting points. Locally, our leading light is Sophie Hutchings and on her third album she again finds new and fascinating ways to create cerebral and emotionally rich and ornate arrangements – led … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Sophie Hutchings – Wide Asleep