NEW MUSIC: Jessica – Oh I See It

Late last year, Sydney songwriter Jessica released her second album, With Reverie. In contrast to her debut The Space Between (2020), which was based around her guitar playing, its followup is an album composed and performed beautifully on piano.

The connective tissue between the two albums is Jessica’s haunting, elegiac voice. Part ethereal and dreamy, part heart wrenching and all consuming – whichever way you hear and process it she has the ability to sound as light as a feather and as heavy as a dark night of the soul. There’s a sense of an inquisitive mind at play, reflective and intellectual – seeking self discovery and direction, a kind of internal navigation.

With a suitably evocative video clip (by Darren Cross) that conjures up a deeply intimate mood of analogue psychedelia, the notes and melody of ‘Oh I See It’ hang in the air with grace and poignancy as Jessica dissects the complexities of human interpersonal relationships.

For fans of Kate Bush, Mazzy Star, Kelly Dance, Brian Eno

You can catch Jessica performing at Midnight Special in Newtown, Sydney on Feb 16th and The Great Club in Marrickville, Sydney on Feb 19th.


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