ALBUM REVIEW: Beastwars – IV

Beastwars IV Destroy Records Sometimes it takes monumental life events to galvanise a band, or any creative endeavour for that matter. In the case of New Zealand band Beastwars it was the diagnosis singer Matt Hyde received, confirming Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. In the weeks following his chemotherapy treatment the band hit the studio and recorded their fourth album – a blistering, pummelling, cathartic battle cry of … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Beastwars – IV

NEW MUSIC: Panic Room – Cerebral Chasm

We love metal – the chug and the thrash, the pure adrenalin and clinical precision of it. These days we don’t come across nearly enough new metal that hits our demonic sweet spot but Panic Room out of Dallas, Texas caught our ear with this hammering track that ticks all the boxes of aggressive and dynamic playing.   Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Panic Room – Cerebral Chasm

NEW MUSIC Möss Fölk – Misery Mothers

Blistering thrash metal with a super-solid bottom end of distorted bass on this track from Worcester, Massachusetts band Möss Fölk. The riffs are relentless while the vocal totally hits the spot for us – raw, punk-metal and visceral without getting too cookie monster. The killer blow comes at 1:09 where everything drops away to reveal the grungy bass before everything collapses back in on top … Continue reading NEW MUSIC Möss Fölk – Misery Mothers

NEW MUSIC: Refused – Dawkins Christ

Refused are back with a new album, their first since The Shape Of Punk To Come back in 1998. There they harnessed the punk of Fugazi, the metal of Slayer and the incendiary funk of Rage Against The Machine. Thankfully they’ve retained the clinical brutality in their music without watering it down for the masses in the year 2015. Here’s a perfect example of that in … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Refused – Dawkins Christ

Questions & Answers: Beastwars

Beastwars have their debut album out polluting young minds and are touring New Zealand to rabid audiences at the moment. The record stands as one of the great metal albums to come out of the shaky isles in quite a long time and we managed to catch frontman Matt Hyde for a few minutes between gigs for the inaugural interview in our new section Questions … Continue reading Questions & Answers: Beastwars

WATCH: Beastwars | Lake of Fire

New Zealand’s monolithic metal creatures Beastwars have had a massive year with a ton of packed out shows and the release of their debut album which is up there with the best heavy/metal records of 2011. Here is their first official video for the song Lake of Fire directed by Hamish Waterhouse. You can catch the band touring NZ through October and November, dates on their … Continue reading WATCH: Beastwars | Lake of Fire