NEW MUSIC: Colyer – Pet Names

Like gently sliding into a flotation tank, Colyer take you on a dreamy drift through the atmosphere of the mind. Limbs hanging in a weightless, heavy-lidded state. ‘Pet Names’ is soul music through a shoegaze filter, opened up to the cosmos and set free to wander. “This song wrote itself, basically visceral vomit. I had come out of a four year relationship wanting to focus … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Colyer – Pet Names

NEW MUSIC: Dear Boy – Heaven Moves

“A really nice, new English indie guitar tune” I thought to myself when I first heard ‘Heaven Moves’ by Dear Boy. I was wrong though! The band hail from Los Angeles and they’re starting to gain some attention with their mix of English jangly post-punk and pop-tinged melodies. They recently finished a run of dates with James and Psychedelic Furs which gives a further idea … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Dear Boy – Heaven Moves

NEW MUSIC: Milly – Talking Secret

Some woozy, slow moving shoegaze sounds for you today. ‘Talking Secret’ is a new track from Milly, a Los Angeles band fronted by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brendan Dyer. The song blends UK and US styles really nicely. There are echoes of post rock and grunge in the mix. I guess a band that you could draw some parallels with would be Swervedriver and the way … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Milly – Talking Secret

NEW MUSIC: Hark Madley – Empathy (single edit)

Hark Madley is the immersive exploration of genre-blending soundscapes realized by Los Angeles based producer and composer Mark Hadley. This track comes from his new album Stream, released last week. This single edit of ‘Empathy’ finds him using smeared, low pulsing sounds as the backdrop to some super minimalist piano playing. Those contrasts of beauty and sonic bruising make for a fascinating track that is … Continue reading NEW MUSIC: Hark Madley – Empathy (single edit)


SHON is a Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist who released an EP called Made As It Drifted, earlier in 2018. ‘A Crack In It’ is one of those textured and layered tracks that recalls the inventiveness of Radiohead and the willingness to place real instruments in digital environments. SHON uses an art-rock and post-rock  palette of sound and it works wonderfully on both sonic and songwriting levels. Continue reading NEW MUSIC: SHON – A Crack In It