LIVE IN SYDNEY: Jamie Hutchings Solo @ Camelot Lounge


Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss, Infinity Broke) is playing another of his solo, career spanning shows this Thursday at Camelot Lounge in Marrickville. The solo format of the evening is a great one where he takes a swing at prominent songs from his catalogue plus fan requests and a bit more insight into the songs than you might get at a regular gig.

Camelot Lounge is a great spot too, plenty of seats, food, great sound. Get along early to catch folk noir duo Jep and Dep who will be previewing songs from their upcoming 2nd LP.

Here’s our review of the first retrospective show Hutchings played at Camelot Lounge early last year.

Doors 7PM

Jep and Dep 8PM

Jamie Hutchings 9PM

Check out the Facebook Event for further details.


SONIC KICKS: Jamie Hutchings

Sonic KicksHutchings

Earlier this year Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss, Infinity Broke) marked twenty years in music with a retrospective solo show at Camelot Lounge in Marrickville. With a such a strong back catalogue that spans both solo and band releases it was an impressive and rewarding trawl through his discography and a remarkable overview of the evolution of his songwriting craft.

Hutchings chatted more than he probably ever has on stage, giving an insight into the genesis and inspiration of the songs and experiences that surrounded them with self-deprecating humour, dedications and some healthy sarcasm. That personal interaction was crucial to the success of the evening and connected Hutchings to his audience who showed genuine love and passion for his body of music.

The success of the evening has resulted in an invitation from the venue to repeat the event on Thursday, August 27th. This time Hutchings will be supported by his sister Sophie Hutchings, an acclaimed pianist and composer whose 2010 album Becalmed was a real favourite of ours.

Thursday August 27th

Jamie Hutchings, Sophie Hutchings

Camelot Lounge, Marrickville

Doors 7pm

Jamie was kind enough to answer our Sonic Kicks Q&A plus a few other questions relating more directly to the upcoming show. Read on to find out which album inspired a switch from drums to guitar, the band that leaves him breathless, the soundtrack to his teen surfing years and his next musical plans.

The first album I bought.

Probably something by Split Enz. I was a huge fan from around nine years old and I started randomly buying their albums from there on in. I still dig Dizrythmia out sometimes. It’s pretty fantastic.


An album that soundtracked a relationship.

Astral Weeks by Van Morrison. It makes me dizzy and reminds me of stuff.


An album that inspired me to form a band.

I’d been playing drums in bands but it wasn’t until I heard You’re Living All Over Me by Dinosaur Jr that I felt I really had to teach myself to play guitar. I’ve never been as immediately effected by an album as that one. It just sounded like the best concoction ever and totally inspired me.


An album that reminds me of my high school years.

Maybe the first Midnight Oil album. Everyone used to call it Powderworks or The Blue album, the first song has such a great high energy guitar riff, lots of surfers were into them and I was a pretty hardcore surfer so it was the perfect soundtrack. MI0001759825

An album I’d love to hear live and played in full.

Mariposa by Rein Sanction. They’re a lost early ’90’s Sub Pop band with an incredibly claustrophobic playing style. There’s some rough live footage on Youtube, I’d have loved to have seen them, I kind of forget to breath when I hear them.

My favourite album cover art.

Warehouse Songs And Stories by Husker Du. I bought it on gatefold vinyl back in the day, it look amazing. There’s no text on the cover which was pretty unheard of back then. The colours are so rich, crazy and explosive but it’s kind of ethereal too.Husker-Du-Warehouse-Songs-and-Stories-Front

A guilty pleasure album.

I don’t know…Tapestry by Carole King? It’s kind of classic AM radio stuff, such a amazing songs though.MI0001534574

The last album I bought.

Tea Time for Those Determined to Completely Exhaust Every Bit of This Body They’ve Been Given by Keiji Haino/ Jim O’Rourke/ Oren Ambarchi. It’s with the mail man but technically it’s my most recent purchase. They release a live album each year edited from an improvised set they perform annually. They really reach way out and bury me every time.BT012LP_CU

The next album I want to buy.

I’ve been trying to find the first Faust album on vinyl at a normal price which has been tough. When I do that’ll be it. I’m a huge Can fan but haven’t heard much of Faust, I recently watched a Krautrock documentary by the BBC and these guys really intrigued me.


What are the BBK/solo/Infinity Broke songs that get requested or referenced most by fans?

It depends, when people are requesting stuff on social media or by email it tends to be album tracks or more obscure songs. At Infinity Broke shows people always want to hear ‘Monsoon’ which is fine because we love to play it. Solo if someone yells out stuff it’s usually stuff like ‘Fathers Hands’ or ‘Last Playboy in Town’. It really varies though, I think people that listen to my projects are pretty across most of the stuff which is nice.

If you had to choose between Neil Young, Tom Waits and Greg Dulli covering one of your songs, who would it be and which song would you be most interested to hear?

Geez…what a conundrum! Who to choose! Yes I’d allow Tom Waits to cover me I guess. I think he’d do a good version of ‘The Judas Hands’.

With a 20 year career, do you ever see your influence in younger bands on the Australian scene?

Not that I’m aware of, the best ones probably hide it I guess. On the rare occasions I have heard an overt influence I feel really embarrassed.

Playing a retrospective show, does that conjure up certain emotions, memories, people and places via the range of songs you play?

Not specifically or consciously, but there are some songs that suddenly put me in a spin out of nowhere emotionally and I have to try and hide it somehow. What I found about some of my really old songs when I was relearning them earlier in the year for my January show was how uncanny some of them were. It was like they were mini self-fulfilling prophecies.

How close is your songwriting style and process now compared to your 20 year old self?

I was very inside my songs when I was younger, often pretty earnest and naive which isn’t always the tastiest combo. Apart from becoming a better and hopefully more imaginative musician, the main difference is that I began to stretch myself way more lyrically. I began to feel like I could fly around and inhabit different worlds lyrically whereas in my ’20’s I was really stuck inside my own head. I still am a bit but I don’t feel disingenuous when I attempt to write outside of that little universe.

After looking back, what are the next steps forward for you musically?

Infinity Broke will hopefully start to play live again sometime, it’s been really difficult since our album tour to get everyone together, but it’s a blast when we do. I’ve been recording an album with Peter Fenton from Crow. We’ve got a collaborative project called The Tall Grass. We’re about two thirds of the way through. It’s been really humbling and refreshing working with him, sometimes we wonder where the music’s coming from! It’s sounding great. I’m also planning on recording a very bare solo album soon. Probably just acoustic guitar, double bass and vocals. Hopefully I’ll start working on Mark Moldre’s next album soon too.

ALBUM REVIEW: Infinity Broke – Before Before

a4111469137_10Rating8.5Though mostly born from the same sessions as last year’s River Mirrors album, these nine songs operate on a different plane. More concise and song-based, yet with a broad range of moods and levels of intensity, the quartet conjure up caustic distorted storms of guitar over measured rhythms.

The spirit and intensity of Bluebottle Kiss is strongly present on both Before Before and its predecessor to the extent that ‘Only The Desert Grows’ comes off as a Sergio Leone-styled western version of Bluebottle Kiss’ ‘Gangsterland’ with its anchoring bass and drunken, staggering guitar squalls.

Jamie Hutchings’ vocals run the full gamut from lilting melodies on the verses of ‘Papa Was A Clown’ to the strangled howls that ride the thunderous sludge rock of ‘Dogfall’, sweetened only slightly by its female gang vocals. Over the years the quirks and unique vocal navigation of his lyrics have become more entrenched and amplified. The way Hutchings approaches his Fender guitar and in turn how that playing style interacts with his voice has, through decades of use and abuse, become a singular sum of its parts. It would be hard to imagine him creating such deep-reaching and raw takes as just a singer in a band, stripped of his instrument, as it would with probable cornerstones of his sound J Mascis and Neil Young.

Though Hutchings is the backbone and architect of Infinity Broke, Before Before still feels like the product of a band, such is the strength of the rhythm section – Jared Harrison (drums), Reuben Wills (bass) and Scott Hutchings (guitar, percussion). Without that locked precision and ability to both swing and pummel, the songs, as great as they are, wouldn’t have the same impact.

Easily equals of the Bad Seeds and The Drones as masters of corralling both the conventional and avant garde, Infinity Broke continue to mine a visceral and creative vein of rock music.

Chris Familton

A shorter version of this review was first published in The Music

LIVE REVIEW: Infinity Broke @ Goodgod Small Club, Sydney (12/12/14)


Sounds Like Sunset have been a staple on the Sydney scene since the late 90s and like all good things they seem to just get better and better with age. Tonight they had a new bass player on board who slotted in nicely with their indie rock wall of sound. Minor amp/pedal issues threatened to disrupt the set but thankfully they abated and the songs, particularly those from the new album, cascaded gloriously out of the subterranean club’s speakers. They’ve nearly perfected the marriage of loud, droning, chiming guitars – the crunchier end of shoegaze – topped off with Dave Challinor’s beatific sleepy vocals and it made for an immersive opening set.

IMG_0394This was to be the last appearance of Jared Harrison behind the drum kit for Infinity Broke, a real shame as on tonight’s showing they are a band right at the peak of their powers. A year of shows has fine-tuned their live set, the songs flowed effortlessly and there was a near telepathic coherence to the quartet’s playing. There was also a wider spectrum to their sound than previous shows. The space was amplified when necessary and the noisier peaks were more visceral and intense than ever. The focus was on this year’s River Mirror album with a sneak preview of next year’s release Before Before with a song that sounded like an adrenalised Gangsterland (Bluebottle Kiss) at peak desperation point. Of the album tracks the epic Termites and the album centrepiece Monsoon were highlights. On the latter bassist Rueben Wills maintained the same riff for nearly ten minutes while Jamie Hutchings coaxed a plethora of sounds from his guitar like Thurston Moore covering Neil Young’s Like A Hurricane in Dusseldorf. The twin percussive approach of Harrison and Scott Hutchings gave the band a mechanical, sometimes Krautrock backbone giving the whole set a hypnotic quality with the beautiful contrasts of rhythmic precision and guitar deconstruction. Taking an excellent album and presenting it live with the level of conviction the band showed is testament to Hutchings’ two decades of restless musical creativity.

Chris Familton

LIVE REVIEW: Jamie Hutchings, Buddy Glass @ Camelot Lounge, Sydney (05/02/15)


Buddy Glass is the stage name for Bruno Brayovic (Peabody) in his solo guise. With a recently released debut under his belt he took the audience on a journey through those songs, stripped back to just his voice and acoustic guitar. There were flashes of the wit and venom often seen with Peabody but for the most part Glass focused on the songs – which were raw in subject matter and obviously born from a deeply tumultuous end to a relationship. There was little hiding behind obtuse metaphors as Glass laid the experience out with poetic candour and in particular showed his strong and melodic vocal range. The Spinning Titanic stood out with its State Trooper vibe as did the grand balladry of Just Me & The Dark.

Jamie Hutchings was celebrating 20 years in the music industry, a milestone for any musician but especially one who has constantly challenged himself – from the dark and emotive rock of Bluebottle Kiss through the more intimate solo albums and onto his current work in Infinity Broke. Hutchings started right at the beginning with a track from BBK’s Higher Up The Firetrails and proceeded chronologically through the numerous highlights across two decades. The vibe in the room was warm, interactive and celebratory as acoustic versions of Autumn Comes Too Soon, the exquisite Girl Genius, Everything Begins And Ends At Exactly The Right Time, Gangsterland, Father’s Hands, Ounce Of  Your Cruelty, Beautifully Tragic and many more were played. Hutchings chatted more than he probably ever has on stage, giving an insight into the genesis and inspiration of the songs and experiences that surrounded them with self-deprecating humour, dedications and some healthy sarcasm. That personal interaction was crucial to the success of the evening and connected Hutchings to his audience who showed genuine love and passion for his body of music.

Chris Familton

this review was first published in The Music

NEW MUSIC: Infinity Broke – Only The Desert Grows


On the heels of last years superb debut LP River Mirrors Infinity Broke are gearing up to release the follow-up Before Before which was recorded during the same sessions as their debut. Here’s the first taste of the new record with the excellent first single ‘Only The Desert Grows’ which sounds like Neil Young and a psychobilly band playing a last stand at some sinister roadhouse.

The band will be playing a run of shows through May which will feature new drummer Hugh Deacon.

Thurs, May 14 – The Phoenix, Canberra, ACT
Fri, May 15 – The Tote, Melbourne, VIC
Sat, May 16 – The Metro, Adelaide, SA
Fri, May 22 – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, QLD
Sat, May 30 – The Factory Floor, Sydney, NSW


NEWS: Jamie Hutchings retrospective tour



Twenty years is a good stretch in the music biz but damn it goes fast. It was two decades ago that Jamie Hutchings and Bluebottle Kiss released their debut album Higher Up The Firetrails. To celebrate two decades of fertile musical exploration with BBK, as a solo artist and more recently with Infinity Broke Hutchings is heading out on the aptly titled Careering Through The Wilderness 1995-2015 tour.

Drawing from six Bluebottle Kiss albums, three solo albums and two Infinity Broke albums Hutchings will be delving into the corners of his back catalogue in solo mode. Things kicked off in QLD on the weekend and head down to VIC this weekend and then onto NSW.

The second Infinity Broke album Before Before is out soon.



Saturday, January 24th @ The Junk Bar, Brisbane, QLD



Friday, January 30th @ Long Play, Melbourne, VIC ***SOLD OUT***

with special guests Single Twin + J M S Harrison


Saturday, January 31st @ The Bridge, Castlemaine, VIC

with special guests J M S Harrison + Sparrow and Spark



Sunday, February 1st @ Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne VIC

(Afternoon show… Doors at 1.30 pm)

Trappist Afterland + J M S Harrison




Thursday, February 5th @ Django Bar, Marrickville, NSW

+ Buddy Glass




NEWS: Glide tribute show for Melbourne feat. members of The Church, You Am I, Crow, Bluebottle Kiss and Even


On Saturday Dec 20th a tribute to Sydney band Glide will be happening at The Workers Club in Melbourne. Like the excellent Sydney event a few months ago this will be an all-star show remembering the band’s singer, guitarist, songwriter William Arthur who passed away fifteen years ago.

Perfoming will be:

  • Steve Kilbey (The Church)
  • The Croons (early Glide lineup)
  • Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss, Infinity Broke)
  • Peter Fenton (Crow)
  • Davey Lane (You Am I)
  • Ashley Naylor (Even)
  • Andy Kentler (last Glide member)
  • Paul McDonald (Charlie Horse, Glide)
  • JMS Harrison
  • The Void (Morning After Girls members)
  • D.A Calf
  • Sean Whelan