NEWS: Glide tribute show for Melbourne feat. members of The Church, You Am I, Crow, Bluebottle Kiss and Even


On Saturday Dec 20th a tribute to Sydney band Glide will be happening at The Workers Club in Melbourne. Like the excellent Sydney event a few months ago this will be an all-star show remembering the band’s singer, guitarist, songwriter William Arthur who passed away fifteen years ago.

Perfoming will be:

  • Steve Kilbey (The Church)
  • The Croons (early Glide lineup)
  • Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss, Infinity Broke)
  • Peter Fenton (Crow)
  • Davey Lane (You Am I)
  • Ashley Naylor (Even)
  • Andy Kentler (last Glide member)
  • Paul McDonald (Charlie Horse, Glide)
  • JMS Harrison
  • The Void (Morning After Girls members)
  • D.A Calf
  • Sean Whelan




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